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Updated Information on the Persecution of Dafa Practitioners in Mudanjiang City, Heilongjiang Province

November 29, 2003 |  

November 23, 2003

(Clearwisdom.net) Since the end of October, the police in Mudanjiang City have abducted Dafa practitioners with no restraint. Practitioners presently known to have been abducted include Liu Zhiyuan, Wang Shurong, Zeng Deyun, Li Shuang, Zhong Li, Jin Yingzhi, Zhang Yulian, Kang Yuncheng, Jiang Chunmei, Jin Youfeng, Hao Rong, Wang Xinmin, Wang Guizhen and her son. Most of them have already been abducted many times before.

Liu Zhiyuan, during his illegal detention, was once injected with an unknown drug, and he did not recover for a long time because of the mistreatment. Soon after his recovery, he was taken away again.

Jin Yingzhi has suffered great hardships taking care of her two children by herself for many years. One of the children is in middle school, and the other one is in elementary school. The police confiscated her family assets several times. Once she was detained illegally for half a year. This created a huge mental burden for her elderly parents and young children.

Kang Yuncheng, a former assistant of the Mudanjiang City Dafa Assistance Center, has been abducted many times, illegally sentenced, and brutally mistreated. After being released, he returned to work for his original employer (The Mudanjiang City Real Estate General Corporation). This time he was again taken away by the Mudanjiang City "610 Office." Because his job performance is outstanding, his supervisors and directors tried to bail him out, but the police just ignored their appeal.

Hao Rong once suffered terminal illnesses but recovered after practicing Dafa. The police harassed, abducted and confiscated his family's property many times.

A couple, Jin Youfeng and Jiang Chunmei, are both teachers at Mudanjiang City Normal College. They have been persecuted by the police many times. The couple left behind two young children who are without anyone to take care of them; the younger one is just a year old.

The police from Aimin Police Precinct abducted Wang Xinmin, his wife Wang Guizhen, and their son.

In addition, some sources said that Dafa practitioner Gong Chengge in Mudanjiang City was once detained in the Mudanjiang City Labor Camp and later was transferred to Jixi City, Heilongjiang Province for a year. Recently he was transferred to Suihua City to continue his detention. People who have visited him say that every time he had to be carried out to meet them, suggesting that he is in critical condition. We ask people who know the case to provide more detailed information.