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Falun Dafa Practitioners Hold Hunger Strike to Protest Unlawful Endless Detention in Dehui, Jilin Province

November 21, 2003 |  



On August 22, 2003, China's Supreme Court announced to the press the progress of closing out and mitigation of past-due custody. The Deputy of the Supreme Court Zhao Denju stated, "Past-due custody is unlawful detention. It will be strictly forbidden to make such mistakes during the investigation stage from now on." This statement sounds reasonable, however Jiang's regime continues to conceal the facts of the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners. The law is not followed. In fact, they deliberately break the law.

The public officials, prosecutors, lawyers, and law executors of Dehui City have detained 13 Falun Dafa practitioners in Dehui Detention Center for over one year. The staff of the public prosecuting system does not abide by the law. Instead, they use denial of investigation, charge withdrawal, and relocation of detention as excuses to detain Falun Dafa practitioners. They know that they are acting against the law when they continue to detain practitioners. To cover up their crimes they fabricate all kinds of accusations of Dafa practitioners.

November 1 marks the 20th day the 13 Dafa practitioners have been on a hunger strike in the Dehui Jail. The malicious policemen would not release anyone even when their condition was critical. On one occasion, when a Dafa practitioner's relative went to appeal the situation, one of the Political and Law Committee said, "There will be someone responsible if anyone dies." When the relative asked about the reason for past-due detention, Wang Jishen, the supervisor of the court, replied, "Because of insufficient evidence, we need to start the investigation over." Insufficient evidence means the accused is not guilty, hence the accused should be released. It is unreasonable and unlawful to keep the accused detained. In another instance, the mother of a Dafa practitioner questioned the supervisor and asked why the supervisor beat someone up. The supervisor flushed and dared not answer.

The fact remains; the officials arrest and detain Dafa practitioners for no justifiable reasons.

We call on the International Human Rights Investigation Organization, other organizations, and people standing on the side of justice to please help.