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Using Righteous Thoughts to Open Electronic Books

November 14, 2003 |  


The shopping mall near my house offers free Internet service. I often use the computer to visit the Chinese version Clearwisdom and Pureinsight websites. Every time after I finish using the computer, I always leave a Falun Dafa truth clarification article from Clearwisdom open on the screen for the next user. One day, I happened to realize that the truth clarification Electronic Books on Clearwisdom can widely report the truth about Dafa, and that I should open it on the screen to give the next customer a chance to understand Dafa from a broader perspective.

However, due to a lack of software, I could not open the Electronic Books. I then closed my eyes, and used my true thoughts to talk to the computer sincerely, "Computer, now I need your help to open the Electronic Book. Please open the book!" I concentrated and sent forth the firm and pure righteous thoughts to remove thoroughly any evil elements that were preventing me from opening the book. At the same time, I clicked on the book lightly. Then a miracle happened. The electronic book Tell You the Truth of Falun Dafa was open on the screen. At this moment, I was full of Teacher's great compassion, and I was so touched that my eyes filled with tears. I also thanked the computer for its sincere help. I excitedly held the monitor and sincerely said, "Thanks!"

From this event, I truly witnessed the greatness of Falun Dafa and the profound miracles that it can produce. I also realized that only pure righteous thoughts and behaviors that come from great compassion can touch all beings, letting them truly want to learn about the Fa from deep within their hearts, and helping our Fa-rectification tasks move forward more smoothly. Our success and effectiveness in helping Teacher in Fa-rectification are fundamentally based on Dafa practitioners' compassionate and righteous thoughts. They are not the results of ordinary people's methods, skills and techniques.

From this event I also realized an important principle, after sending forth righteous thoughts to completely remove evil elements from other dimensions, we still need to take actions in the human world in order to change the surface dimension. Hence, during Fa-rectification cultivation, Dafa practitioners not only need to help Teacher in Fa-rectification in other dimensions (e.g., sending forth righteous thoughts) but we also need to validate the Fa in the human world (e.g., appealing at the Chinese consulates, and bringing the evil head to justice in the U.S. court) so that we can accomplish the holy mission of helping Teacher complete Fa-rectification successfully.