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Plaintiffs in the Les Presses Chinoises Defamation Case Gather in Montreal's Chinatown and Call for an End to the Spreading of Hatred (Photo)

November 13, 2003 |  

(Clearwisdom.net, November 10, 2003) The plaintiffs in the lawsuit against the Montreal Chinese weekly newspaper Les Presses Chinoises for defamation and incitement of hatred against Falun Gong gathered in Montreal's Chinatown and called for people to come to know Falun Gong and stop the spread of the hatred.

After the morning's court hearing, about 200 Falun Gong practitioners from Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal gathered in Zhongzheng Park. Practitioners used their own experiences to demonstrate the damage caused by the spreading of hatred in society.

Mr. Lin Shenli telling of the damage the hatred has caused him

Mr. Lin Shenli, who was rescued with the help of Amnesty International and the Canadian government after being illegally detained in a forced labor camp for two years, said about the damage the spreading of hatred had caused him, "When I read the defamation articles in Les Presses Chinoises, I felt like I were once again in a forced labor camp, because during the two year-long forced brain washing I experienced, every day I faced these lies and hateful propaganda."

Lin Shenli said, "I am a victim of and a witness against the Jiang regime's hate propaganda which used the media to fabricate lies to deceive people and the incite common people's anger toward Falun Gong. Like me, my younger brother also suffered brutal torture in a labor camp; he was tortured and forced-fed and almost lost his life. Without the Canadian government and people's rescue, I would not be able to stand here to expose the persecution today."

"I was rescued from a Chinese labor camp by Canada's government and people. I thought I could freely practice my belief in this free land. I thought I was far away from the high pressure environment where I was persecuted physically and mentally. However, in a Chinese newspaper in Canada, I read the evil articles I once faced in a forced labor camp. I was traumatized again both physically and mentally. The already fading memory of the two years' forced labor camp life again came into my mind and heart. I could not sleep and eat. I hope more people will extend their hands to stop this persecution of inciting hatred."

The host of the rally told people, "In the past 4 years, the Jiang regime's persecution of Falun Gong is totally based on fabricating lies to deceive people and inciting hatred. In Canada, the lawsuit against the Montreal Chinese weekly newspaper Les Presses Chinoises for defamation and incitement of hatred against Falun Gong is testimony that Jiang's regime incited the overseas Chinese people's hatred toward Falun Gong and attempted to extend its persecution overseas. All the efforts we are making today are to completely stop the spread of hatred toward Falun Gong in Canada, and to stop the manufacturing of hatred toward Falun Gong in Canada."