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Atrocities by the Police in Luyuan District Sub-Bureau and Chaoyanggou Labor Camp, Changchun City, Jilin Province

October 07, 2003 |   By a practitioner in China

September 22, 2003


Mr. Zhu Zhishan, the former Chief of Politics and Security Section of the Luyuan Public Security Sub-bureau in Changchun City (currently still with the Luyuan Public Security Sub-bureau), frequently took Dafa practitioners into custody and beat them. He tortured them viciously by hanging them up, nailing their fingers, burning their hands, pulling out their toenails with pliers, and shocking them with electric batons. Among the Dafa practitioners who were beaten to death is 31-year-old Ms. Zhi Guixiang. After sustaining serious injuries from the beatings during July and August 2002, Ms. Zhi was sent to and detained in the Shuangyang Detention Center (also known as the third detention center in Changchun City). During her detention she was constantly on the verge of death. Zhu Zhishan knew that she was critically ill, but was unconcerned and did not even inform her parents. Ms. Zhi expired after one or two days. She was then dispatched by the third detention center to the public security hospital. At Chaoyanggou Crematory, Zhu Zhishan signed the cremation document in lieu of her family members and secretly cremated her body. Afterwards, when asked by Ms. Zhi's parents, Zhu Zhishan said Ms. Zhi had run away, and that he had no knowledge of her whereabouts.

Practitioner Ms. Zhao Aiguo, from Jilin City, was cruelly tortured by Zhu Zhishan. She was hung up, nails were driven into her fingers, her palms were burnt with fire, her toenails pulled out with pliers, and more. After she was beaten to the brink of death, she was sent to Shuangyang Detention Center. At the beginning of August 2002, she was dispatched to the provincial public security hospital; her condition became critical. What happened after that is unclear.

Dafa practitioner Yan Weihua was beaten by Zhu Zhishan and sustained eye injuries. He is currently detained in Shuangyang Detention center.

Dafa practitioner Liu Boyang was also beaten mercilessly by Zhu Zhishan. Currently he is detained in Changyanggou Labor Camp.

Zhu Zhishan extorted more than 5,600 Yuan* from Ms. Wang Shouhui's family and has yet to return any of the money.

The whereabouts of another several dozen Dafa practitioners who were viciously beaten by Zhu Zhishan is not clear, and awaits further investigation.

Mr. Wan Dachuan, a former member of the Politics and Security Section of Luyuan District Public Security Sub-bureau (he is currently with the Luyuan Public Security Sub-bureau) in Changchun City, has inflicted untold injuries, including beating Yan Weihua and many other Dafa practitioners. He participated in every beating, and is extremely vicious. During June and July 2002, together with Zhu Zhishan and others, he arrested Dafa practitioner Liu Boyang and many other Dafa practitioners, and beat them mercilessly. On July 2, 2002, when he interrogated Dafa practitioners, he cruelly beat Dafa practitioners to extort confessions. He growled, "You'll die needlessly if I have to beat you to death, and then it will be registered as suicide."

Chen Long from Luyuan District Public Security Sub-bureau, Changchun City, is extremely cruel and has been engaged in the vicious beating of Dafa practitioners. He beat Yan Weihua and many others to disability. The telephone number of the Politics and Security Section is 86-431-7613144.

Mr. Wang Yanwei, the superintendent of Changchun City's Chaoyanggou Labor Camp, has transformed the labor camp into a living hell with his mistreatment of Dafa practitioners. Many Dafa practitioners were tortured to death, while others such as Sun Xianming were crippled. In April 2002, in order to attain the so-called transformation rate, he and his underlings used electric batons, wolf-teeth clubs, freezing temperatures, water torture, sleep deprivation for many days, and other coercive means to torture Dafa practitioners. Within a few days, many were seriously injured from the beatings. Those who fell ill were not given treatment or released. Not until it was too late were they were released to die at home. Sun Xianming's shoulder sustained serious injury from the beating and was not given treatment, which resulted in severe deformity.

For the Dafa practitioners who went on hunger strike to protest, they were barbarically force-fed with concentrated brine and corn paste, leading to death. A number of the instances were mentioned on Clearwisdom.net in 2000.

For the Dafa practitioners who refused to write the "Five Books" (statements used to denounce Dafa), they were detained for extended period of time under the pretext of "continuing education." If the local "610 Office"** did not accept them, they would not be released. Wang Yanwei exceeded his authority by extending the terms of the persecution, by not releasing them when due, and then only after he had extorted several thousand Yuan. For example, Dafa practitioner from Changchun, Zhao Jingtai was only released after he was extorted of 2,000 Yuan. Currently, the Dafa practitioners from Nongan, Tong Renhua, and others are still being detained beyond their terms.

Wang Yanwei ordered his underlings to detain at will Dafa practitioners who did not write the "Five Books," extend their terms, and use various means to threaten and coerce the unfaltering Dafa practitioners, forcing them into intensive physical labor from 5 a.m. to 10 p.m. for seventeen hours a day. He has a part in all the tortures in Chaoyanggou Labor Camp.

Gao Zhilu, the director of the education division in Chaoyanggou Labor Camp, placed great emphasis on the so-called "transformation rate," and ordered his underlings to use torture instruments to beat and abuse Dafa practitioners. He is instrumental in causing severe injuries to Mr. Sun Xianming and other Dafa practitioners.

Yang Guang, from the second brigade of Chaoyanggou Labor Camp, has transformed the second brigade into one with a reputation for being harsh, and renowned for beating people. Many Dafa practitioners' severe injuries are his responsibility.

Zhu Shenglin and Zhao Dongli, supervising instructors from the second brigade of the labor camp, have been engrossed in the merciless beating of Dafa practitioners. They take the lead to beat Dafa practitioners, and are extremely vicious. They personally injured Dafa practitioner Sun Xianming's shoulder, and deliberately denied him any treatment, culminating in deformity. They maliciously attacked Dafa, tortured the steadfast Dafa practitioners, and extended their detention terms at will.

Based on the above facts and on behalf of the Dafa practitioners in Changchun and detained in Chaoyanggou Labor Camp, I call on Dafa practitioners around the world to please pay special attention to the atrocities in Chaoyanggou Labor Camp. Please undertake all appropriate legal actions against Wang Yanwei, Gao Zhilu, Zhu Shenglin, Yang Guang, Wang Tao, and other instructors in Chaoyanggou Labor Camp in the international courts, and against Zhu Zhishan, Chen Long, Wan Dachuan, and others from the Luyuan Public Security Sub-bureau in Changchun City.

* Yuan is the Chinese currency. The average monthly salary of an urban worker in China is 500 Yuan.

* "610 Office" is an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems.