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Chenyang "610 Office" in Qingdao Relentlessly Persecutes Two Falun Gong Practitioners

October 05, 2003 |  


[Note: The "610 Office" is an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems.]

1. Ms. Zhao Aihua, from Xiaozaizi village of Chenyang town of Qingdao city, 56, was illegally arrested and detained by the local "610 Office" for holding to her belief in "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance."

On January 28, 2000, villager Zhang Baoshu reported to the "610 Office" that she went to her mother's home. The "610 Office" sent 7 or 8 police vans, with 60-70 police to surround the home, and arrested Zhao Aihua. Her mother became ill from fear. After the spring festival, the "610 Office" extorted money from her family members for her release.

In October 2002, while she was dispersing truth clarification material, she was again reported by a villager and arrested. During Ms. Zhao's detention, police forced her to eat something that had gone bad. Consequently, she was sent to the hospital for surgery.

On August 19, 2003, Zhao was arrested again by the Chenyang "610 Office" while handing out flyers. At midnight, police ransacked her home, illegally confiscating all Dafa books, tapes, videos and other materials. From that point on, the Chenyang "610 Office" strictly blocked information regarding Zhao Aihua's situation. Inside sources tell us that Zhao is now detained at Qingdao Dashan Women's Prison, and that the Chenyang "610 Office" has already sent out the order to sentence Zhao Aihua.

2. Ms. Jiang Jing, 35, of Chenyang town in the Chenyang area, was arrested when she was peacefully appealing in Beijing. The Chenyang "610 Office" sent her to the basement of Jingyuan hostel in Chenyang town (used to detain and torture Falun Gong practitioners) and fined the detained practitioners huge amounts of money. After one month, former official Wang Jianqian Jiang sent Ms. Jing to Qingdao Dashan Women's Prison. After 20 days, he sent her to the hostel basement again. After 40 days in detention, Jiang Jing escaped with righteous thoughts. Upon returning home, she was caught by the "610 Office" headed by Zhang Zhongkai. They forced her to write a guarantee to stop practicing Falun Gong, and then let the matter drop.

On January 28, 2000, Jiang was once again arrested during her peaceful appeal in Beijing and detained in the basement of Jingyuan hostel for 8 months with other Dafa disciples. In the winter, they were deprived decent blankets and food, and only allowed to wear a shirt. Men and women jailed in one basement suffered long-term torture and severe beatings. At the end of the 8 months, "610" official Wang Jian ordered Xin Ruoming to send Dafa disciples Jiang Jing and Ji Xue to the Laoshan Beizai mental hospital. They were forcefully injected with psychologically damaging drugs that destroy nerves. Practitioners' hearts and bodies were severely injured. One time when Jiang Jing's mother went to see her daughter, she happened to see the doctors injecting drugs and they quickly tried to hide it. When she asked Xin Ruoming why Jing was injected, Xin demanded that she keep quiet about it using threats. Jiang Jing escaped the mental hospital with righteous thoughts.

In spring 2001, Jiang Jing was arrested again while she was homeless, but escaped with righteous thoughts. After 40 days, Jiang Jing was exposed by a practitioner who broke down under torture. To escape arrest, Jiang Jing jumped from a building and broke some bones. After she was caught, she was detained at the Chenyang Town 4th Detention Center. They disregarded Jiang Jing's serious injury and fasting condition, and persecuted her violently. Local town official Liu Zhang blamed Jiang Jing for his loss of an opportunity for promotion, and slapped her in the face more than twenty times. He cursed her, "You don't let me have good days, so I won't let you have good days either." "610" official Liang Yushan said, "We must be ferocious and ruthless toward Falun Gong, I don't believe that I cannot beat Falun Gong." The police sent Jiang Jing to the hospital for diagnosis, with the goal of sentencing Jing to a labor camp as soon as she was out of the danger of dying. Examining the X-ray, the doctor said to Xin Ruoming, "She has a serious injury, and it caused further illness." Jiang Jing was still handcuffed with her feet shackled. Her family members pleaded, "Xin Ruoming, her condition is so bad, why not let her go?" Xin Ruoming replied, "Ok, there is not any problem at all." Jiang Jing continued to protest with hunger strike, and Xin scolded the doctor for using expensive drugs on her, and then sent her to Qingdao Dashan Women's Prison. The prison refused to accept her in such poor condition, so Xin Ruoming bribed them with money. When Jiang Jing's life was at risk a few days later, Dashan detention center sent her to the local government. Xin Ruoming tried again to send her to Wang Village for brainwashing. Failing this, they humiliated and slandered Jing. She miraculously escaped the hospital.

On July 19, 2003, Jiang Jing went to Beijing to appeal. The Chenyang "610 Office" arrested her and sent her to Liubowang Village Female Labor Camp for brainwashing and torture. Jiang Jing is now detained in Group Four. She has deteriorated both physically and mentally and cannot take care of herself. She is given a single cell, only few square meters surrounded by wall, to eat, sleep, and use the toilet. She has been on hunger strike for more than one month, and her life is in great danger. The Chenyang government is directly responsible for her condition. The vice mayor of Chenyang town once said, "We finally got her arrested, otherwise, I could never be mayor." What has happened to Jiang Jing is still unknown to her family.

List of responsible parties in Chenyang region:

Zhao Yulong: Chengyang town's communist secretary, Chengyang government telephone: 86-532-7869826
Gao Shanglun: Vice mayor of Chenyang
Wang Jian: Former Chenyang village's political and law secretary
Xin Ruoming: Now Chenyang village's political and law secretary
Office: 7869826 #3038 Cell: 86-13708977506 Fax: 86-532-7736922
Zhang Zhongkai: head of 610 Office
Liang Yushang: head of 610 Office home: 86-532-7736922
Liu Zhang: Used to beat practitioners.