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Cases of Persecution of Dafa Practitioners at the Daqing Petro-Chemical Corporation

October 31, 2003 |  


The corporate leaders at the Daqing Petro-Chemical Corporation persecute Dafa practitioners who work at the company for their own political gains. For several years, based on an incomplete survey, the company's security director Li Yanting has authorized at least 100 Dafa practitioners to be arrested on criminal charges, and 30 of them have been sent to labor camps. There is also a direct order, given orally and secretly that whoever catches a Dafa practitioner posting truth clarification materials will be rewarded 1,000Yuan. [500 Yuan is the average monthly income for an urban worker in China.] The corporate leaders have also collaborated with the police in many persecution activities that include illegal abduction, forced brainwashing, mental torture, physical torture, labor camp and prison sentencing.

Ms. Xu Shufeng, a teacher at the First Elementary School, which is an affiliate of the Daqing Petro-Chemical Corporation, was illegally detained by the Longfeng Police Station when she was attending group practice at the Jiexin Park in Longfeng district of Daqing city early on the morning of June 20, 2000. She was released on August 4. She was abducted again when she went to Beijing to appeal on December 15, 2000. She was then sent to the Harbin Drug Treatment Institute on January 18, 2001. She was released from the institute after spending close to 14 months in detention there. During her illegal detention, her husband Li Xiaorong was tortured to death on December 14, 2001. After returning to her workplace, Xu Shufeng was not allowed to teach anymore, and was only allowed to work in the mailroom. She was illegally abducted again by the evil police on December 20, 2002, leaving her junior high school child alone at home.

Ms. Feng Ling is a 40-year-old employee at the Second Resources Company, which is under the Daqing Petro-Chemical Corporation. Since July 20, 1999 she has received constant harassment calls from her workplace. Her employers threatened that if she didn't sign the "promise letter" [promising not to practice Falun Gong, stating one's regret over practicing in the past, and declaring one's separation from Falun Gong], the company's security would send its staff to live and eat in her home and keep her under observation. The police from her district also phoned her home asking her to turn in the Dafa books, and said that if she didn't comply they would search her home. Ms. Feng went to Beijing to appeal on November 19, 2000, and was sent to the company's Beijing office. After coming back home, the district police detained her in the Longfeng Detention Center. She was released half a month later. Even after she was laid off from the company, the company's Party leaders still harassed her at her home. She was extorted 2000Yuan by the company's Beijing office on November 20, 2000. She was also extorted 6696 Yuan by three employees of the Second Resources Company including He Tiejun, and 3000 Yuan by a manager named Liu. After she was laid off, 3000 Yuan was also illegally withheld from her by her former employer.

Ms. Yan Junlian, 51 years old, is an employee of the Daqing Petro-Chemical Plastic Factory. She was detained for one month at the Daqing Detention Center because she went to Beijing to appeal on May 10, 2000. On June 17, 2000, for practicing Falun Gong she was arrested by the Huaxiang Police Station for 2 days and 1 night, and then sent to the Daqing Detention Center. She was later transferred to the Saqu Detention Center for 50 days. During her illegal detention at there, she commonly experienced physical abuse that included beatings. While walking on the street on Nov 29, 2000, she was arrested and taken to the Huaxiang Police Station and detained there for 24 hours. The police also searched her home and took away all her Dafa books. On December 7, 2000 the police again invaded her home and tricked her to the police station for interrogation. She received verbal and physical abuse that included the use of the electric batons. She was then illegally locked up for 24 hours. She was extorted 1000 Yuan by Meng Baishi of the Huaxiang Police Station, and 2000Yuan by Zhang Benqi of the Daqing Petro-Chemical Plastic Factory.

Ms. Li Xiuxiang, 54 years old, is a retired union worker of the Daqing Petro-Chemical Corporation. She went to Beijing to appeal on January 15, 2000 but was stopped by the police and sent to a local detention center for 40 days. She went to Beijing the second time on November 19, 2000 and was arrested at the Qianmen Police Station and sent to a detention center in Pinggu County. She was not provided food for one day and was under interrogation until mid-night. Because she refused to give her name and address, she was locked up in an abandoned storage room with no heating system or toilet. The windows were broken and wind blew in freely. There were a total of six Dafa practitioners in the room, and all were chained at the feet and handcuffed in the back. They had to sleep on bare wood plank beds. They were forced to run bare-footed back and forth in pairs in the courtyard. The skin on their ankles was torn by the chain and had blood all over them. Ms. Li went on a hunger strike to protest. On the 8th night she was taken in a prison van and dropped off at the Zihe bus station in Hebei province. She was picked up at the bus station and rescued by local practitioners. On the 10th day she was arrested from her home and taken to the Songzhuang Police Station. She was kicked and beaten for one day and one night, then was transferred to the Tongzhou Detention Center. On December 24 she was again transferred to Jinnan Detention Center, and five days later she was moved back to the Daqing Detention Center where she was illegally detained for 56 days. During that period she was pressured everyday to write the "promise letter". On January 15, 2000 she was extorted 500 Yuan by an individual named Zhou in the security office of the Daqing Petro-Chemical Corporation, and 5,800 Yuan by Dong Zhaolin who works for the workers union of the Daqing Petro-Chemical Corporation. From November 19, 2000 to January 2001 she was also extorted 1,759 Yuan by Ding Jielin who works for the workers union of the Daqing Petro-Chemical Corporation. All Ms. Li wants is a peaceful life, but her former workplace keeps harassing her.

Mr. Jing Dongshuo is a 66 year old employee of the West Food Storage of the Daqing Petro-Chemical Corporation, and lives in an area west of Daqing Longfeng Factory in Heilongjiang province. While he was practicing and promoting Falun Gong in front of a grocery store, he was arrested and detained at the Changxi Detention Center. Prisoners abused him under police instructions. He was released a month later, only after being extorted 10,000Yuan.

Ms. Li Wei, 37 years old, is an employee of the Plastic Factory of the Daqing Petro-Chemical Corporation. Her peaceful days were gone since July 20, 1999. People from her work place and the police on numerous occasions have made harassing calls to her home asking her to write the "promise letter," turn in the Dafa books and give up her practice of Falun Gong. On so called "sensitive days," leaders from her workplace came to talk to her, asking her to write the "promise letter," severely disturbing her while she worked. Police also made many harassing calls to her workplace and confiscated her national ID card making it impossible for her to travel (loss of travel freedom). Later she was forced to leave her employment under some special arrangement. Liu Qin and Zhang Benqi from the Plastic Factory withheld her 20,000 Yuan compensation from the employment termination agreement without any justification.

The following practitioners also were mistreated, financially extorted and mentally tortured by the Daqing Petro-Chemical Corporation: Mr. Li Peng and Mr. Ge Weiguo from the Machine Repair Factory, Ms. Yang Yuzhen from the Real Estate Company, Ms. Sun Yanqiu from Nilon Factory, Ms. Wang Shuqin from Xinhua Daycare, Ms. Tang Guofeng from Administration Station of the Real Estate Company, Mr. Lu Jigui from Fertilizer Factory, Ms. Zhang Shuzi and Mr. Yang Jiayun from the Firefighters Unit, Ms. Li Yanjiao from the Computer Development Company, Mr. Guan Wenzhong and Zhang Yannian from the 3rd Brigade of the Economic Police Force, and Mr. Xu Xiangdong from the Fertilizer Factory.

Telephone numbers of responsible persons involved in the persecution:

Communist Party Secretary, Zhen Huaiyi: 86-459-6762440 (office), 86-459-6766908 (home)

Security Supervisor, Li Yanting: 86-459-6764682 (office), 86-459-6763361 (home)

86-459-6255111 (office), 86-459-6761888 (home)

"610 Office" Director, Hu Yingwu: 86-459-6765850 (office), 86-459-6766929 (home). ["610 Office" is an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems.]