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Elderly Practitioners from Nanyang Prefecture, Henan Province, Abducted and Forced Into A Brainwashing Class

October 27, 2003 |  

(Clearwisdom.net October 15, 2003)

Mr. Du Si-an, from Nanyang Prefecture, Henan Province, a Father Whose Son Was Tortured to Death, Forced into Brainwashing Class Before October 1st, National Day

Falun Dafa practitioner Du Si-an, 60 years old, is a retired official from the Nanyang Meat Processing Plant. He started practicing Falun Dafa in 1995. His son, Du Xu, was brutally beaten to death by police at the end of 2000. He was only 36 years old and left behind one son who lives with Du Xu's parents. Prior to the National Day, Mr. Du Si-an was again forced into the brainwashing class. It has been reported that Falun Dafa practitioners in the class are charged 30 Yuan for food each day, and brainwashing class staff (2 for every practitioner) collect the money from each Dafa practitioner or their employer.

Falun Dafa Practitioner Dang Xiuzhi from Nanyang Prefecture, Henan Province, Abducted Again

Ms. Dang Xiuzhi, in her 50s, is a retired employee from Nanyang Meat Processing Plant. She was arrested in January 2001, and illegally sentenced to 2 years in Shibalihe Women's Labor Camp. Her faith remained solid despite being put through cruel tortures. During her term, her daughter-in-law and her daughter both give birth. She was not allowed to go care for them. When her mother's health failed, she was not allowed to even see her before she died. Before the National Day, police arrested her again with the excuse that she was "never transformed" [did not renounce her belief and practice of Falun Dafa].