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The Evil Mission of the Jiamusi Correctional Facility: Education and Correction by Force and Torture

October 27, 2003 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) The mission of the policemen at the Jiamusi Correctional Facility is: "Education and correction, using instruments of torture. Incinerate those people that will not conform." Motivated by this motto, they torture Dafa practitioners without restraint. Their methods are extremely cruel. For example, Dafa practitioners are tied to a torture bed, or practitioners are forced to sit on a metal chair, and cold water is poured on it in the winter.

Practitioners are forced to sit on rolls of electric wire. Small squares made of rubber on top of the rolls, also called 'small chairs', get imprinted into the flesh of the victim after he or she sits on them for two days. Practitioners are handcuffed for weeks to months at a time, shocked with electric batons, or have their mouths stuffed with tape or socks. They are deprived of sleep or beaten and abused by criminal prisoners. Criminal practitioners participating in the abuse were Du Hongjun, Yu Haiyang, Liang Jingui, Qiu Hongbin, Li Xiang, Li Wenbo, etc.

For the purpose of torturing Dafa practitioners, Jiang funded new buildings and monitoring equipment for around-the-clock surveillance. The level of surveillance of Dafa practitioners is far stricter than even for prisoners on death row. The policemen feel free to physically torture practitioners without restraint. Policemen often say tauntingly: "Just sue me if you dare!"

Last year, when the policemen were torturing Dafa practitioners, blood was splattered on the walls. The painful screams and the cruel scene scared a 17-year-old criminal prisoner, who has become mentally disturbed since then, often screaming in a frightened voice.

Dafa practitioner Shao Dianyin suffered broken ribs during a beating two years ago. At that time, he was put in a small cell and tied to a metal chair. The thugs who tortured him were common prisoners appointed by the policemen. Some of them are Du Hongjun, Liang Jingui, and Li Xiang . Lui Hongguong, who is the head of this group of policemen, picked them out. After being tortured, Shao Dianyin vomited every day and is still very weak.

Dafa practitioner Hou Zhiqiang is often cursed at and beaten. Qiu Hongbin often handcuffs Hou Zhiqiang to a bed or a metal chair and beats him. He has stuffed dirty socks and even a dirty rag used to clean a toilet bowl into Hou's mouth. When Hou asked for a policeman, Qiu taped his mouth shut. Hou Zhiqiang is suffering from severe health problems as a result of the torture.

Cheng Xueshan was locked into a small cell, and had blood in his urine because he was handcuffed to the cold concrete floor for a week, and lost all feeling in his hands. Eventually he was tortured until he could no longer tolerate food and now has general edema. Overall, his condition is extremely dangerous.

Hui Yuxin, from Wongjiang Gen, suffered from paralysis of one side of the body. He experienced an obvious improvement in his condition after he started to practice Falun Gong. He was illegally sent to a labor camp for two years. He refused to renounce his beliefs and was cruelly tortured many times, almost to the point of death. The main perpetrator is Yu Haiyang. Hui Yuxin had been approved for parole on medical grounds, but because of his refusal to change his beliefs, the policemen would not allow him to leave the labor camp, extending his imprisonment and even forcing this handicapped man to do heavy labor.

Zheng Libin, who had previously served a term in the Beijing Tuanhe Labor Camp and was released on April 17th, 2003, was again taken and sent to the Jiamusi Labor Camp by the Jiamusi Xiangyang Police Station. There, he was illegally admitted by the chair of the Control Department, Xu Hengji, and has suffered continued torture. When Zheng Libin tried to reason with the head of the policemen Liu Hongguang, both of his hands were cuffed to a bare bed frame with its metal springs exposed for more than 3 months. As a result, his spine became deformed. In addition, his personal belongings were stolen by Yu Haiyang, Qiu Hongbin and others. Zheng Libin was finally released after 3 months and 19 days. He then intended to sue the labor camp and the police department. However, a court clerk told him to go home first and sue later, and further told him that this was also the supervisor's decision.

Although Wang Yunqi was sent for medical care because of a brain aneurism, he was later sent back to the labor camp. Policemen trying to force him to conform often force him to sit on a metal chair or a low stool, not allowing him to sleep.