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United Evening News: Newly Wedded Wife Fearless in Rescuing Husband

October 26, 2003 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) October 23, 2003: United Evening News issue from October 21; Qiu Junji special report from Taipei; Hu Lizong report from Taipei: A newlywed couple was recently forcibly separated. Chen ShuYia is anxious but says she cannot allow herself to be let down right now, nor does she have time for self-pity. She needs courage so Lin XiaoKai will return to her as soon as possible.

Chen ShuYia and Lin XiaoKai are both Falun Gong practitioners in Taiwan. Chen said she has practiced Falun Gong for two years and her husband has practiced for three years. They first met at a Falun Dafa Association conference in Taiwan in February 2003, discovered a liking for each other and got married in May 2003. Although the marriage was very speedy, they believe it will last a lifetime.

The newlyweds, though, are now facing a cruel and horrific test. Chen ShuYia said she received a cell phone message from her husband on October 7. She expected to see him two days later, but didn't hear anything from him after October 7.

Chen ShuYia said that she called the Shanghai National Security Bureau several times but didn't receive any definitive answer. She called four times during one day. The first call was answered, but the officer answered her half-heartedly and hung up. Her successive calls were either not answered or the telephone was hung up right after it was picked up. She said, "It's such an unreasonable detention! They don't allow contact with the outside. It is an inhumane action that only happens in a lawless country."

Chen ShuYia appealed to the Straits Exchange Foundation and received the response "will quickly coordinate;" but she thinks she needs to speed up the rescue efforts, so she sent out messages through the Falun Dafa Association, calling for help from around the world. She said that although the past 14 days have been very difficult, but with support from family and friends she has overcome the initial shock. Right now she has to step forward and speak out. She bears no hatred and only hopes her husband can regain freedom. "XiaoKai will be back, I will certainly get him back," Chen ShuYia said with a determined voice.

Regarding the suspected detention of a Taiwanese Falun Gong practitioner in Mainland China, a Straits Exchange Foundation spokesman said this morning that the Foundation is actively processing this case, but because it is trying to protect the people concerned, the Foundation will not publicize related details. "The Straits Exchange Foundation will try its best to help."

Moreover, in the morning, the Straits Exchange Foundation has sent official letters to the PRC Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Strait (ARATS) and Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council. In the letter they included Lin XiaoKai family's description about XiaoKai's situation, and asked for help to investigate the further situation. Lin XiaoKai's family stated that XiaoKai's purpose of going to Shanghai was to visit friends and for sightseeing. He didn't participate in any political activities. Other than from official letters, the Straits Exchange Foundation has also try to learn about the case through the Taiwanese Businessmen's Association in Shanghai.