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Atrocities Committed by Guards at the Harbin City Prison

October 25, 2003 |  



Between the 12th of September and the 4th of December 2002, Yang Hua, head of the 9th Prison Ward, forced 8 female Dafa practitioners to drill from 7am to 4pm non-stop, and then squat on the floor to "study" slanderous materials from 8pm to 10:30pm. The practitioners were Liu Kun, Huang Shaobo, Li Zhuhua, Guo Zhaosong, Gao Shuyun (62 years old), Yang Zehua, Dong Lingui, and Wang Wanzhen.

In January 2003 Yang Hua swapped places with Zheng Jie (who was head of the 2nd Ward). The persecution continued as practitioners were forced to do manual labor, but the practitioners refused to cooperate. On March 22nd they were forced to sit on stools while being watched by criminal inmates of the jail.

They were not allowed to make any sound and a slight movement would have attracted kicking and beating. The guards instigated the inmates to abuse the practitioners by forcing them to sit on the stone floor from morning till 7:30 in the evening in severely cold weather. The freezing floor was torturous to endure. This kind of abuse lasted through the months of June/July, when the guards wanted the practitioners to do another type of labour. When the practitioners refused, the guards forced them to sit until 10:30pm at night. Since July 16th a Harbin inmate Hou Guiqin kept watch on and abused them both verbally and physically.

Practitioners were not allowed to buy food, contact their families, write any thing or say anything. Their food ration was only half the quantity given to the other inmates. Hou Guiqin and Guo Ying were accomplices of the guards.

Practitioners who were persecuted include: Liu Kun, Huang Shaobo, Cai Mi, Jing Xiuyun, Wang Ying, Sun Fengling, Yang Zehua, Li Zhuhua, Fu Lihua, Dong Limin, Dong Lingui, Zhang Guiqin, Zhou Yan, Cheng Qiaoyun, Yan Xiuhua, Jiang Minshan, Wu Xiuhua, Wu Guiyan, Cao Ru.

Now there is a special task team in the female prison, which was set up to torture practitioners. Between September 8th and 9th of 2003, the head of the 8th Ward Zheng Jie (Zheng was transferred from the 9th Ward on September 1st; the 9th Ward is now headed by Yan Yuhua) took over 40 Dafa practitioners to the boiler room of the male prison, hung them up with ropes and whipped them with white plastic tubes until their bodies were black and blue. They also shocked them with electric batons until their skin was burnt and smoking. The practitioners were then taken to a secret location surrounded by guards and other inmates.

They were chained together and forced to run. The slow ones would be beaten with electric batons. Disco music was played loudly to cover the yells and screams. The torture continued till 4:00 in the afternoon. Many were dragged back that night and some were limping. Every practitioner's face was swollen with blue and purple patches.

The guards tortured the practitioners in the 8th Ward for a whole week. Later, six practitioners were locked up in solitary confinement, unable to move any minute of the day. After the guards tortured practitioners in the 8th Ward, practitioners from the Intensive Training Ward were targeted for persecution. Practitioners from different wards who resisted the forced labor were taken to the Intensive Training Ward for persecution.

Those in the male prison also experienced various torture each day. On September 22nd a practitioner from the 5th Ward was taken into a "small cell" and hung upside down for at least eight days until September 30th. Prison Directors Wang Xing and Cong Xin were there watching his torture progress. What happened to him after this time is unknown to us.

During the illegal detention of Dafa practitioner Yu Yumei, she was interrogated by agents of the director of Harbin Public Security Bureau Zhao Guang. She was taken away blindfolded to a quiet and remote location and placed into a room full of torture devices. Many Dafa practitioners had been kept there previously.

She was chained to the floor with torture devices for ten days and nights, and not allowed to sleep. Two guards would accompany her even to the toilet. She was transferred to Division Seven of Harbin Public Security Bureau and detained there for four and a half months before finally being returned to the prison.

We have also heard a serious case of persecution of a male practitioner who was castrated during his torture .