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Evil Deeds in Jiutai Labor Camp -- Drilling Holes In The Flesh With Plastic Pipes and Applying Salt & Pepper to the Wounds

October 24, 2003 |  

October 10, 2003


Police at the Jiutai Labor Camp in Jilin Province attempt to force Falun Dafa practitioners to give up their practice. In March 2003, police officer Shi Chunfeng together with other prisoners brutally persecuted Dafa practitioners Mr. Liu Qinghua, Mr. Huang Yuedong, Mr. Wang Liguo, and Mr. Teng Shijun.

They shocked the practitioners with electric batons, burnt them with cigarettes, and drilled into their flesh in the underarms, thighs, and other soft areas of the body with the jagged edges of plastic pipes 6 centimeters in diameter. They then used toothbrushes to smear toothpaste, pepper, salt, and other substances onto the flesh. They also drilled into the chests of Mr. Liu Qinghua and Mr. Huang Yuedong, who remained firm in their beliefs despite the brutal torture.

Huadian City practitioner Mr. Jing Zhixin received the same kind of brutal torture and torment from police officer Shi Chunfeng. After being released from the Jiutai Labor Camp, Mr. Jing was again arrested and detained at the Huadian Detention Center.

Prison guard Mr. Wang Dan ordered prisoner Mr. Fang Tao to beat Mr. Jing every day. The vice superintendent of the detention center, Mr. Liu, remained indifferent, and even supported Mr. Wang Dan and Mr. Fang Tao to do whatever they wished. Mr. Jing Zhixin is currently detained at the Jiutai Detention Center, undergoing strict "supervision." He has been tortured to the point that he can't walk without assistance.