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A Short Story from the Houston Fa Conference

October 23, 2003 |   By a practitioner from the southern USA


October 18, 2003

A Mission In My Heart

The Houston Fahui [Fa conference] was originally a local event, but to celebrate Teacher's 7th anniversary of teaching the Fa in North America, practitioners came from all over the US. Many practitioners from Canada, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Korea, etc., also came. Local practitioners were busy picking up practitioners arriving at the airport, so unavoidable mistakes were occurring.

A Taiwanese practitioner ordered his ticket at the last minute, and had to wait for over an hour before a local practitioner could come to pick him up. The practitioner apologized, but the Taiwanese practitioner said that there was no need because, while he was waiting for the ride, he was reading Zhuan Falun. This caught the attention of a middle-aged Chinese lady who talked to him in English. At first she spoke about the information that she had gotten from the Chinese government's propaganda. The Taiwanese practitioner pointed out the fact that Falun Dafa is practiced in over 60 countries, and it's especially welcomed in the USA and Canada among government officials. He also told her that Falun Dafa had spread from a few hundred people to over a few hundred thousand people practicing in Taiwan. He said that he hoped she wouldn't be fooled by the Chinese regime's propaganda and lies. The lady was a legal resident of the US; she thought that the practitioner made sense. She said that she wanted to read the books of Falun Dafa. After the practitioner gave her a copy of Zhuan Falun, she said, in Chinese, that she would read it from cover to cover. She thanked him and left him her email address, hoping that they could keep in touch. Later I asked the Taiwanese practitioner, "When did your English improve so much?" He said that when one is filled with righteous thought, Dafa would display its magnificence.