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Dafa Practitioners Seriously Injured by Torture at the Jiamusi Labor Camp in Heilongjiang Province

October 02, 2003 |   Written by a Practitioner from China


In July 2003, Jiamusi Dafa practitioner Ms. Zhang Yufang refused to complete a "homework" assignment that was designed to slander and defame Dafa at the Jiamusi Labor Camp. Guard Hou Li dragged her to the hallway and slapped Zhang Yufang in the face until it was swollen. The next day, guards tied her hands behind her back with one hand over one shoulder while the other hand was against her lower back. The guard then ordered inmate Wang Jie to apply a great deal of force to pull her two hands toward one another as they handcuffed her two hands together, tearing muscles surrounding the shoulder and collarbone and causing Yufang great pain. Suffering from high blood pressure and other ailments, Yufang went blind the next morning. After more than two months, her right eye showed some improvement, but she still needed people to guide her while she walked. She became numb in her right arm and could no longer raise it.

Ms. Shan Jinying is a Dafa practitioner from Shuangyashan City who is in her late 40s. About a month ago she began to suffer from pain in her eye as well as migraine headaches. When she was sent to the hospital, the doctor told her that she must receive immediate medical treatment within one hour the next time she suffers the same symptoms, otherwise she faced the danger of going blind. When the doctor inquired as to how she had received such an injury, Sun Limin, the policeman who accompanied her, stopped her from telling the doctor. By this time, Shan Jinying could no longer eat any food. She required two people's help to hold her up, and she was emaciated. Even so, the police still forced her to go to the workshop with the other practitioners and lay down there. When Dafa practitioners tried to set up a bed made of planks for her, guard Gao Xiaohua stopped them. The workshop was dark and damp. Dan Jinying's condition continued to deteriorate as time went on, but the labor camp refused to release her.

Another Dafa practitioner Ms. Shan Jinli was jailed at the 8th brigade. She was in her 50s and she once suffered from rheumatism. She had surgery done on her left ankle and her movement was restricted. Due to long-term detention, now her right ankle has also become immobile. She can no longer walk or take care of herself. She has difficulties even when using the bathroom. Each day someone has to carry her on their back to help her get around.

Dafa practitioner Ms. Yu Haiyan was in her 30s. The police tried to force her to give up her faith in Dafa, but she resolutely refused to write the "Five Statements" or participate in the so-called "homework." She was cuffed behind her back with one hand over her shoulder and with the other hand against her lower back. The police then applied a great deal of force to pull the two hands towards each other and handcuffed the two hands together. This caused her to suffer from heart problems and depression. Often she could not catch her breath, she felt weak, her feet went numb, and she could no longer walk. When the symptoms came on, she would suffer unbearably. She lost consciousness several times. However, deputies like Hong Wei did not care and even cursed practitioners and accused them of pretending to be sick.

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