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Bloody Violence in the Gaoyang Labor Camp, Hebei Province

October 16, 2003 |  


The Gaoyang Labor Camp, in Hebei Province, has been called the "Masanjia Labor Camp" of Hebei Province because of its notoriously brutal means of persecuting practitioners. The Gaoyang Labor Camp was built in the second half of 1999, and during the past 4 years has persecuted countless Dafa disciples. Criminal officials and policemen in this labor camp include the head of the No. 5 Team, Yang Zemin, Ye Shuxian, and Wang Guoyou. Whenever supervisors or reporters visit they transfer the steadfast Dafa disciples (who refuse to give up under pressure) to a hidden place so as to prevent them from revealing the true situation in the camp. Steadfast practitioners are either moved to the west building, in the No. 4 building, or in the big factory building in the back.

One day in 2002, the determined Dafa disciples were taken to the big factory building in the back and not allowed to return, even after midnight. One team head used a cell phone to ask if he could return the practitioners, but the people on the other side said that the examination team had just arrived, and he should not bring the practitioners back. Thus, they secretly sent the Dafa disciples away. Then they lied to other people saying that the practitioners had given in or were sent to other places.

The police organized a brainwashing class for the determined Dafa disciples. They forced them to get up at 5 a.m. (when they had gone to bed after midnight) and they made them work without a break at lunch time. Sometimes the practitioners didn't finish working until 2 or 3 a.m. The practitioners were also forced to sit in the same posture for 16-17 hours a day with their hands on their knees while they watched a video defaming Master Li and Falun Dafa. They were not allowed to turn their eyes away. The practitioners were also forced to write words that slandered Master Li and Falun Dafa. If the practitioners wrote one word less than ordered, they were deprived of 10 minutes of sleep. If they all refused to write, the policemen would shock them with electric batons. Throughout this torture the food provided to the Dafa disciples was very bad and the practitioners were not even allowed to have any pickled vegetables.

When the Dafa disciples were sent to the No. 5 Team, most were beaten and shocked with electric batons. It is not easy to calculate how many practitioners have been persecuted in the big, back yard factory building of the No. 5 Team. One day in the second half of 1999, a policeman forcibly took more than one dozen practitioners to the factory building, forcing them all to squat (while handcuffed) as he shocked them with electric batons once every half hour. Mr. Deng Wenyang, a Dafa disciple who was detained in the male team, was forced to squat for over 10 days. The policemen didn't release his handcuffs until he lost consciousness. Another Dafa disciple, Mr. Nan Bingyu, refused to give in so the policemen shocked his teeth. His teeth became loose, and he could not eat. He vomited for a long time. His body also became extremely weak, and he was sent to the hospital for emergency treatment several times. He has still not been released.

On November 3, 2002, the eve of the "16th Party Congress," the No. 5 Team organized 13 brainwashing groups, with three Dafa practitioners in each. They then bought a pile of electric batons. At the time, the Gaoyang labor camp was full of the sounds of beating, cursing, and miserable cries from the practitioners. Terror overwhelmed the whole labor camp. Everyone had a heavy and depressed mood, and they all watched outside through a window trying to see where the cries came from. They saw where the sound came from, and they saw some practitioners being beaten to point that they lost consciousness. Some practitioners were also beaten so badly that they could not walk. Others had blisters on their feet where they were shocked. Still others had swollen faces. Some prisoners said, "Today if any Dafa disciples survive and leave the Gaoyang Labor Camp alive, they are really great."

After using all their torture methods, however, they could still not change the determined and rock solid minds of the Dafa disciples. Policeman Yang Zemin, and instructor Mr. Hu, thought up another strategy, and forcibly took the unyielding Dafa disciples to be frozen in the garden in the back yard by forcing them to take off their clothes. When the policemen felt cold, they shocked and beat the Dafa disciples. The Team head, Yang, was in charge of one practitioner over 60 years old named Ms. Cui Xiuzhen. Yang took her to the garden and beat, shocked, and cursed at her while twisting her flesh using an iron pincher, and piercing her feet using an awl. He also put small chili peppers that were growing in the garden in her mouth and nose. Ms. Cui had a nose bleed for several days.

Dafa disciple Ms. Zhang Junxiao went on a hunger strike for a long time and became very weak. Still, she was taken to the garden to be frozen. The first night she was left beside the gully in the garden, and she was forced to stay in the vegetable fields and factory for several days and nights. When Ms. Zhang was shocked to the point that she lost consciousness, the policemen poured water on her head, and even nipped her Renzhong point (an acupuncture point that is very sensitive) and broke her skin. The Team head, Fan, also shaved off all her hair. Some team heads laughed at her.

The above cases are just a few that I know about at the Gaoyang Labor Camp. Because the evil blocks the news and doesn't allow the practitioners to speak, and because they isolate the determined practitioners, much information is still not known. The Dafa practitioners who are being persecuted in Gaoyang are hereby suing Jiang Zemin so the crimes of the Gaoyang Labor Camp can be put on trial in the International Criminal Court.

Written on September 29, 2003