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Events Leading up to and Following the Torture Death of Practitioner Chen Jianning from Huning County, Jiangxi Province

October 16, 2003 |  


Mr. Chen Jianning obtained the Fa in November 1996. He was the coordinator of the Shiduxiang Township Falun Gong Assistance Center in Huning County, Jiangxi Province. Mr. Chen was arrested by local officials after Jiang started the persecution of Falun Gong on July 22, 1999. He was illegally detained at the County Public Security Bureau for 12 days, until a friend helped bail him out. He was fined 4,000 yuan.

In April 2000, he was abducted again by the Township police and sent to the County Public Security Bureau to be illegally detained for more than one month. He was severely beaten black and blue all over, fined 4,000 yuan again, and then his family members were notified to take him back. In July 2001, he was arrested again and nearly beaten to death. When his brother learned about this, he paid 5,000 yuan and the Village Chief wrote a "guarantee letter" to obtain his release. He was restricted to his home for several months of recovery. On August 28, 2002, police agent Dong Pang and others from the Township Police Station came to arrest Mr. Chen at his home. As he was not there, they arrested his wife, Yan Meifen, leaving their 7-year old child home alone. Then they arrested Chen Jianning at his father-in-law's house.

In the Township Police Station, Chen Jianning was severely beaten again, while his wife, Meifen, was released. Chen Jianning was taken to the County Public Security Bureau's Section of Security and Politics, where he was beaten to death on the spot. Afterwards, they pushed his body out the window to make it look like a suicide. He was beaten to death at 5pm, but the Village Chief (Chen Jianning's cousin) was not notified until after 8pm. When his family members came to see the body, he was already dressed for cremation, with his bloody clothing all burned to destroy the evidence of criminal wrongdoing. At the crime scene, there was only a small spot of blood on the ground. A few hundred yuan were missing from his pocket. The Public Security Bureau paid his family 15,000 yuan, transferred Dong Pang to another branch, and that was the end of it.

Chen Jianning was only 31 when he died. On August 30, seven or eight police agents came with two cars from Wuning County to arrest one of his relatives. The relative was prepared and left the house before they came, so they failed to find him, but he was consequently forced to become homeless for several months to escape persecution.