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Summary of Other Articles and News - 10/08/2003

October 13, 2003 |  


Practitioners Exchange Insights

Learning the truth is a blessing: My experience of clarifying the truth to my family. Several days ago I phoned my brother who works at an agricultural research institute in China. He asked me about the lawsuit against Jiang. I talked to him about my opinions on the matter, and also the truth about Falun Dafa widely spreading abroad. He agreed with me. I felt my brother was truly in control of himself during this conversation. Then he told me a series of good news: he and his wife, who were separated for more than twenty years, were back together; his son, who didn't even get into a high school, is now among the top ten percent of his class; my brother himself, who graduated from a specialized middle school, passed college-level dissertation and entrance exam for graduate students. He even applied and got his own national level scientific research project, which is very difficult. I truly realized the profound meaning of "learning the truth is a blessing".

Truths about the persecution

In 2002, Dafa practitioner Liao Kaiyun from Anjiang, Hongjiang City, Hunan Province was illegally sentenced to two-and-half years of forced labor for persisting in Dafa practice. He was sent to the Xinkaipu Male Labor Camp in Changsha City, Hunan Province, where he was tortured until he was only skin and bones.

Dafa practitioner Zhu Li'an was illegally detained numerous times. On October 9, 2000, she was abducted and was sent to the Baimalong Female Labor Camp in Zhuzhou City, for one year of forced labor. In the summer of 2002, she was again sentenced to one-and-half years of forced labor for distributing truth-clarification flyers. She is currently being persecuted at Baimalong Female Labor Camp in Zhuzhou City.

Around April 2000, Dafa practitioner Jiang Yongmei was illegally arrested and detained for thirty days for playing certain videotapes at home. On October 9, 2000, she was arrested for distributing truth-clarification flyers. After 41 days of detention at the "Baihulao" Detention Center, she was illegally sent to the Baimalong Female Labor Camp for one year of forced labor. In August 2002, she was again arrested in a village when distributing truth clarification flyers. They released her after having been on a hunger strike for nine days when she was very weak. One month later, she was once more abducted and sent to the Baimalong Female Labor Camp in Zhuzhou City to serve two years of forced labor.

Facts of persecution at Fanjiatai Prison and Shayang Labor Camp in Shayang, Hubei Province:

Dafa practitioners are forced to do slave labor. For determined practitioners, the lawless police or guards order inmates to monitor them and force them to view Dafa-slandering videotapes and read books with similar content. They don't allow the practitioners to sleep and take turns brainwashing them. Some practitioners were not allowed to sleep for five days in a row. Beating and torture are common occurrences. Practitioner Liao Yuanhua from Wuxue was forced to stand in a brick kiln with an interior temperature of 70 C to 80 C [156-176 F] until he passed out and his feet were burned. Practitioner Zhang Mingqi from Zaoyang was beaten until he urinated blood. Practitioner Zhao Xun, the practice site assistant from Jingmen, and practitioner Zhang Aimin from Wuhan City were forced to stack red-hot bricks into piles with their bare hands.

The truth and people's heart

I told the inmates the truth about the persecution against Dafa. Soon, almost all inmates learned the exercises and studied the Fa with us, as they wanted to become good people. Only a drug dealer, a repeat offender nicknamed "Aunt Chubby" refused to learn Dafa. She said she was a Christian. Every time I shared with fellow practitioners, she always approached us, sat beside us and listened. Gradually I discovered that "Aunt Chubby" was secretly reading Master's scriptures when no one was watching. Later she read it publicly and fought for the scriptures, but she refused to practice the exercises. One day her sentence was handed down - a five-year prison sentence. From that day on she planned to kill herself. I pulled her aside and said to her, "I saw you in my dream last night." Aunt chubby got very excited and asked me, "How do you know I wanted to kill myself?" I said to her, "You won't die. Maybe something big is waiting for you. Besides, both Christianity and Falun Gong say practitioners cannot kill. Suicide is a serious crime!" She nodded. From then on she grew more and more interested in Dafa. Before she left, she said to us, "After I get to the labor camp, I'll find a Falun Gong practitioner. I have decided, from now on, I will become a Falun Dafa practitioner."