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A Police Station Superintendent who Persecuted Falun Gong Practitioners Dies from Bone and Lung Cancer

October 11, 2003 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Because of their active engagement in persecuting Falun Gong and its practitioners, many reports about lawless officials receiving retribution have been reported from China. The following facts reported here are intended to warn those who participate in the persecution for their personal interests to immediately stop their crimes and make up for the damage they have caused to Falun Gong practitioners as soon as possible, and treat Falun Gong practitioners well in the future.

1. Zhou Dezhi, who participated in persecuting Falun Gong, died from bone and lung cancer.

Zhou Dezhi, the superintendent of Bingzhou City Zhizhuyuan Police Station of Hunan Province, actively participated in the persecution of Dafa practitioners since the beginning of the persecution in July 1999. At the beginning of 2000, he went to Beijing several times to arrest local practitioners who had gone to peacefully appeal for Falun Gong and he used these opportunities to extort money from them. After he came back, he slandered Dafa and practitioners in public several times. He searched practitioners' homes, tore up Dafa books, sent practitioners to prisons, tore down the Dafa posters and did other things against Dafa.

After July 2002, Zhou Dezhi suddenly felt that both of his feet were too painful to bear. However, even the hospitals couldn't diagnose the problem. Several months later, Zhou went to Changsha City and was diagnosed with late stage bone and lung cancer. After he went home, his pain became more severe and he could not speak. He died at the end of June 2003.

What happened to Zhou Dezhi strongly shook the local evil forces, and nobody dared to tear down the truth posters anymore.

2. Four vicious policemen in a mine of Inner Mongolia receive karmic retribution for terrorizing good people.

In late August 2003, policemen Lu Deng from a mine in Inner Mongolia went to a Dafa practitioner's home to search and found a copy of the book Zhuan Falun. He tried to take the book but failed. He then called three other policemen over and took the book by force.

Two days later, those four policemen were looking for a murder suspect. However, the suspect was also looking for them and in the end injured all four of the policemen with a knife. Two of the policemen were severely injured and two were slightly injured. The local residents all said that those incompetent policemen could only tyrannize good people, and they could only try to escape upon seeing a fierce murder suspect.

3. The head of the police station that arrested Dafa practitioners is severely injured in a motorcycle accident

In June 2003, a Dafa practitioner from a town in Guigang Prefecture of Guangxi Province gave a truth-clarification brochure to Zhong, a middle school principal in the town. Zhong informed the police and the police chief sent many people to search the local practitioners' homes and abduct the practitioner who gave the brochure to the police station for interrogation. However, half way to the police station the chief's motorcycle rolled over and he was severely injured.

4. "I will no longer do anything to harm others for my own gain."

Liu Junren, a village officer of Lianhua Village in Lianhua Township of Shulan City, Jilin Province, intercepted a Dafa practitioner in September 2002. The practitioner tried to clarify the truth to him but Liu refused to listen. He said, "I am not afraid of karmic retribution." He then abducted the practitioner to the police station and the practitioner was illegally sent to a forced labor camp for a two year term.

Recently, Liu's older son hit another person's car and fled but later was arrested. Another one of his sons had three consecutive car accidents, causing physical injuries and financial loss. In September Liu went out to drink and on his way back he fell down on a sand pile on the roadside. He lost consciousness and later was resuscitated after emergency care. After Dafa practitioners clarified truth to him and told him the principle that good is rewarded with good and evil meets evil, he awakened and said to himself, "I will no longer do anything to harm others for my own gain."

5. Three cases of karmic retribution in Shuiquliu Town of Shulan City, Jilin Province

Sun Hongjun is a villager of Erlijiu Village of Shuiquliu Town. His wife had poor health and many diseases. She practiced Falun Gong before July 20, 1999 and her diseases were all gone soon after she practiced. But after July 20, 1999, she was scared and stopped practicing. Sun Hongjun was hired to tear down the Dafa posters for money. People advised him, "Your wife benefited from practicing Falun Gong. How can you do such things?" But Sun refused to listen. In the spring of 2003, Sun was diagnosed with cancer and died painfully in July.

Hao Qinghua used to be a policeman in Shuiquliu Town. He was later transferred to Qingfeng Township Police Station of Shulan City. He threatened and extorted money from Dafa practitioners. In the end of 2002, Hao was going to Shuiquliu Town to investigate a case with other policemen. On the way back, at a railroad crossing in Shuiquliu Town, his car was hit by a train and dragged over 100 meters. He died on the spot.

Li Bingzhe, a policeman from Shuiqu Town Police Station, was in charge of the investigation and registration of Falun Gong practitioners before July 20, 1999 in preparation for the persecution against Falun Gong practitioners later. Not too long after, Li had a cerebral hemorrhage and is now suffering at home.

(A note from the editors: Each time we publish news of this nature, we do so with heavy hearts. These people started off as public servants, but under intense pressure applied by the Jiang regime, they were pushed into persecuting Dafa disciples. In the process of destroying the lives of kind, law-abiding citizens, they have sealed their own fates and inevitably faced karmic retribution as punishment. If it weren't for Jiang's wicked orders, perhaps their fates would have been different.)