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"My Son was Tortured to Death by Luo Ming and Li Wei, He Didn't Die from Jumping out of the Moving Train;" Additional Evidence that Sun Junxian was Murdered

October 11, 2003 |  

September 14, 2003


Dafa practitioner Mr. Sun Junxian was 29 years old. His hometown was in Zhaotudong Township, Zhuanglang County, Gansu Province. He graduated in 1998 from the Economic Administration Department of the Xi'an Petroleum Institute and then got a job in Shandong Province. On February 19, 2003 when Sun Junxian was on a work-related trip passing by Beijing, persons from the Beijing Railroad Public Security Department illegally detained him. He was killed on the morning of February 25 while being taken back to his hometown by the Zhuanglang County Police.

Sun Junxian started to cultivate Dafa in 1996. Prior to his murder, he had gone to Beijing three times to validate Dafa. In July 1999, he went to the Appeals Office of the China State Council, and was taken back to Shandong Province. On October 1, 2000, he and about 3,000 other Dafa practitioners got together in Tiananmen Square, appealing to the people there. He was taken back to Shandong and was detained again. On New Year's Day of 2001, he and more than twenty other Dafa practitioners from his hometown held up banners reading "Falun Dafa is Good" in Tiananmen Square. He was detained for six months in Zhuanglang County Detention Center.

On February 19, 2003 while he was passing through Beijing, Beijing Railroad Police officers detained him because he had Dafa truth-clarifying materials and a banner with him. On February 24, Luo Xun and Liu Wanbao from the Beijing Railroad Police Department handed Sun Junxian over to Luo Ming, the deputy head of Zhuanglang County Police Department, Li Wei, the head of the county security section, Fu Jianhua and Zhao Tudong, deputy heads of the county "610 Office,"* and Sun Laishun, the Deputy Township Party Secretary.

The same night they took a train heading back to Gansu Province. From Beijing to Zhengzhou, Fu Jianhua and Sun Laishun were on duty watching Sun Junxian. From Zhengzhou to Xi'an, Luo Ming and Li Wei were on duty. Sun Junxian was on the upper berth, Li Wei was on the bottom berth, Sun Laishun was on the upper berth of the opposite side and Luo Ming was on the bottom berth of the opposite side. After the train arrived at Zhengzhou Station, Fu Jianhua went to another carriage to rest. At about 3 o'clock in the morning on February 25, Luo Ming made a phone call to Zhanglang County Police Department and said, "Sun Junxian jumped out of the train." The same day, at about 8 o'clock in the evening, Liu Xicang, a deputy head for the county government, Cheng Yangke, head of the "610 Office," Jin, the political chief for the county police department, Sun Mingwei, the branch party secretary of the village, Sun Junxian's father Sun Huixi, and others, eight people in all, took a trip to the scene. They arrived at the scene in Lingbao, Henan Province in the afternoon of February 26.

Luo Ming told how it happened that Sun Junxian jumped out of the window. "The night of February 24 we were on the high speed train. After 12 o'clock midnight, Sun was in emotionally good shape. We don't know when, it probably happened when he went to the bathroom and jumped out of the window." He changed his story right away and said, "We did not know that he acted so fast. I saw him open the window rapidly and jump out of the window."

During the morning of February 27, Sun Laishun told Cheng Yangke and Sun Huixi, "Junxian took his luggage from his berth and rapidly jumped out of the washroom window." On March 26, Sun Laishun told Sun Huixi in Sun Junxian's home, "Junxian was cuffed the entire time." He also told other people, "Anyway, he was all right when I was on duty, and I do not know anything after Zhengzhou."

On March 28, at 11 o'clock in the morning, in the county security section office, when Sun Huixi asked Li Wei about the details he said, "Luo and I did not leave our duty positions and we were standing by the end of the washroom. He jumped out of the washroom in a flash."

The stories the three told of how Sun Junxian jumped off the train were not consistent.

Sun Huixi, Sun Mingwei and the others saw the body on the scene in Luoyang. The occipital bone on his head had collapsed; there were two holes in the center of the frontal bone, which were 2 cm. by 2 cm. in size, and 4 cm. apart. There was blood in the skull. Other parts of his head were in good shape, as was his face, except for a wound under the lip on the left side. There was a 7 cm. diameter rock lodged in his spine, and the shinbone was fractured. The lower back muscle had collapsed inward and was torn apart, and the entire right leg was swollen, with black bruises, though the bone was undamaged. The lower left leg was separated from the upper leg in the knee area, with no blood and no swelling.

The railway police division officials stated, "The body was on the right side of the railway, and the legs pointed towards the forward direction of the train. His bag was 22 meters away from the body in the train's forward direction."

From the body's condition observed by family members, it could be concluded that the body landed on its back. This was concluded because there was a 7 cm. diameter rock lodged in the spine, and the occipital bone had collapsed. The facts that the entire right leg was swollen, with black bruises but no broken bones, the separation of upper and lower portions of the left leg in the knee area but the absence of blood and swelling, proves that the right leg had undergone brutal torture while the victim was alive. The left leg was broken before the already dead body was thrown to the ground and the blood was no longer flowing. If the body landed on its back, the two holes in the frontal bone had to be from torture and not from jumping out of the train. The bag was thrown to the ground after the body was thrown out of the train. The above-mentioned details prove that Sun Junxian was murdered by Luo Ming and Li Wei, who were on duty at that time. In order to avoid responsibility, they threw the body and then the bag from the train.

The family has a copy of the autopsy report stamped by the Technical Appraisal of Criminal Activity from Luyang City Railway Police Division of the Zhengzhou Railway Police Department. Except for the description of the broken bones on the left leg, the entire report was fabricated to be consistent with the lie that "Sun Junxian jumped out of the train to commit suicide."

In order to cover up the crime, Pingliang City Police Department, Zhuanglang County Police Department, the township government, and other entities used a variety of measures to monitor Sun Junxian's family and restrict their freedom. The family members were not allowed to contact other people in the village. The seven Dafa practitioners who live nearby were detained to prevent them from spreading the information.

Afterwards, Sun's father repeatedly visited the county police department and "610 Office" to inquire into the cause of his son's death and ask for the autopsy report and other information. County Police Chief Wang Guoliang turned down his requests. They eventually gave him a copy of the fabricated autopsy report under pressure from the county government. The family requested compensation for the wrongful death. Wang Guoliang, Liu Xiquan and others said, "Your son broke the law and jumped out of a train. How can we compensate you for it?" Sun's father told Chen Yangke from the "610 Office," "My son was tortured to death by Luo Ming and Li Wei. He did not jump out of the train." Chen Yangke didn't say a word.

After lengthy discussions, Sun Huixi received photographs of the autopsy from the county police department on July 23. The pictures were consistent with what the family had seen and stated. It proved that many wounds mentioned in the autopsy report were fabricated! The following individuals are those responsible for Sun Junxian's death, and those who tried to cover up the truth:

People who were directly responsible:

Mr. Li Wei, 43, County National Security Section Head, 86-933-6622265(H), 3968026

Mr. Luo Ming, 38, County Police Department Deputy Chief, 86-933-3969383

Mr. Sun Laishun, 40, Zhaotudong Township Deputy Party Secretary

People who are covering up the crime:

Mr. Fu Jianhua, 41, County "610 Office" Deputy Chief

Mr. Chen Yangke, 47, County Political and Judicial Committee Deputy Secretary, "610 Office" Chief

Mr. Sun Zhihui, 48, the former County Political and Judiciary Secretary, since then transferred

* "610 Office" is an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems.