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Summary of Other Articles and News - 10/07/2003

October 11, 2003 |  


Practitioners Exchange Insights

The following is an excerpt from Article "In a Few Words--Xinxing Level When Submitting Articles."

Lately, when reading Minghui, I found that there were several typos every day. This can create blockages for ordinary people who read our website. This must be arranged by the evil, old forces. Let us put our minds straight, and completely negate it. We should do things right in every respect, and display the standard of Dafa disciples. We should look inward when problems arise, and ask ourselves, "Am I displaying any incorrect states when submitting articles, or are there any gaps that old forces can exploit?" Besides, the format of our articles should follow the format of published articles, putting the title first, then date, then the author's name, and then the main body, thus reducing the editor's workload.

The Truth and People's Hearts

The following is an excerpt from the article "Observations During Clarifying the Truth in Towns and Villages."

One of my relatives believes in Dafa very much, although he has never cultivated himself. On January 15, 2003, he went to make a delivery with a truck, and the vehicle got stuck in a ditch on a small road, so that he could not get out. In that moment of crisis, he thought of Master, and said, "Teacher Li, how could I end up spending the night here?" The driver of the truck was shocked, "Wow, you also believe in Falun Dafa?" My relative replied, "I'm believer!" About 20-30 minutes later, a tractor with two men in it pulled up. The two men helped them push the truck out of the ditch, and did not ask for even a penny of reward. The driver was surprised and moved deeply, "Your Master is really amazing! Tonight, you have made a believer out of me!"

I clarified the truth to one of my distant relatives. She used Master's name in a happy tone of voice, and said, "People all say He is good." I told her, "Master came to save all sentient beings, teach us cultivation, and teach us how to be a good people. We do not get involved in politics." Suddenly, seeing the light, she said, "I was deceived by CCTV's propaganda before. Now I know what happened."

The following is an excerpt from the article "After the Traffic Accident."

I injured my neck and brain in a traffic accident four years ago, and was confined to my bed. Three months later, on a weekend, I saw two people were practicing something. I asked them what they were practicing, and if it could cure my condition. They said that I could give it a try. They taught me some movements, and lent me a copy of Zhuan Falun. Zhuan Falun does not mention how to do the exercises, but only teaches us how to be good people. I thought being a good person is a good thing, so I tried to conduct myself according to what is taught in the Book, while at the same time doing the exercises. In several weeks, my dizziness reduced dramatically, and I did not need to visit the nurse's office during my work. The often recurring numb feeling on half my head disappeared. In the past four years, I have never again felt dizzy.