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Turning Adversity Into Good Fortune: Teacher Protects Me

January 09, 2003 |  


One night on his way home after buying some trees, a nurseryman from Xinzhan Town, Huanyang County, lost control of his car and ended up in a ditch beside the road. As if in a dream he somehow managed to jump out of the car. After regaining consciousness he found himself lying on the ground, with his car totaled.

Back home, he and his wife thought it was incredible that he had escaped injury in such a serious accident. He had been so lucky. Suddenly, the man remembered the paper card in his pocket that contained information and facts about the persecution against Dafa. A few days before, on the morning of November 18, his wife had picked up a card she had found in front of their door that contained true information about Dafa and put it on a desk. When he came home and saw the card, he read it and realized it was truth-clarification information about Dafa. It reminded him that he and his wife had practiced Dafa in the past. Their personal experience had convinced them that Dafa was good, but they gave up the practice due to their fear under the evil's persecution. He thought, "If this card is able to reach me, this is probably predestined. I'll take good care of it." Remembering this, he suddenly understood and exclaimed cheerfully, "Turning adversity into good fortune--it must be that Teacher Li has protected me!"

Within two days the miraculous story of the nurseryman had spread throughout the entire village. The people in the village all asked the nurseryman if they could read the truth-clarification card for themselves.