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Discard Human Notions and Strengthen the Awareness of Being One Body

January 30, 2003 |   By a German Dafa practitioner, Yao-qin

Recently, we held an activity to promote Falun Gong at a health exhibition. After being informed of the exhibition, we had only two days to prepare for the activity. In these two days, we had to sign up, prepare the information materials and the information boards, inform practitioners, produce materials, and borrow different kinds of equipment. If we had been lead by human notions in this period of time, it would have been completely impossible to have a satisfactory result with such a rush. The process was in fact a process of continuously discarding human notions.

One Wednesday night at the end of November, I saw a poster on the street. It read, "A Mystery and Health Exhibition will be held in this city this weekend." I called a practitioner who had joined a similar exhibition. He immediately said, "I'll sign up for it for you. We can have an introduction of our practice for an hour." At noon on Thursday, he told me that he had applied for a booth. Because everyone was busy, the practitioners nearby could not give a hand. Also, some of the practitioners who would be participating in the activity did not know how to speak German. At this moment, my human notions emerged. I felt that it was too difficult. On Friday morning, we still had neither information boards nor materials; yet I had to be at my job. So I was ready to give up the opportunity in my mind. At this moment, I asked myself why I wanted to do this. I thought that those people, among a sea of people, were badly searching for a way to return to their true and original selves, and they had tried various kinds of cultivation practices for many years, while we were so lucky that we could obtain the Dafa of universe, which had been so hard to encounter since a remote time. This might be a precious chance for them to come across Dafa. We are like guidance for people who were lost at sea. How could I give up for the reason of being not well-prepared? I was afraid and unwilling to join the exhibition, because I only thought of myself. I was afraid that we might lose face, that others might say we were in a rush, and that we could not decorate the booth well, which might bring a negative effect for Dafa. Weren't those acquired human notions? Maybe the decoration of our booths could not match others, but Dafa itself has infinite mighty virtue. What we would bring there was not only information in this superficial dimension, but most important of all, we bring a righteous field, and the sacredness and blessing of Dafa. Don't be limited by human notions when handling a task. Don't be indulged in the attachment of seeking perfection. Don't emphasize the result. One should obtain without pursuit.

We should seize every chance to introduce Dafa to the public. Sometimes it is exactly under the condition that everything is not ready that we should use the wisdom cultivated from Dafa. We should be collected and calm, and quickly adjust our conditions to focus on spreading the Fa. This needed a solid foundation of our daily cultivation practice. When we studied the Fa well, we could cope with all kinds of complicated situations at the critical moment, otherwise everything would be a mess and our minds would be distracted by it. As a result, we could not bring a good effect to the activities.

When I shared these thoughts with a German practitioner, he immediately said that he could fetch the information boards from the nearby city in his car. I then contacted other practitioners. They all expressed their enthusiastic support. One of the practitioners took care of the booths in the morning, the left for a part-time job in the afternoon. Thus, with only three or four practitioners joining the activity, we were able to make it a success. Many people wanted to learn the practice.

I recalled this activity, from being on the verge of giving up in the beginning, to ending with a success. The whole process was not only a personal elevation, but also an elevation as one body. All had played their roles within the position of their xinxing [heart and mind nature; moral character] levels. It would not have worked without any one in the whole group. There was mutual understanding and cooperation in doing the job. When we confronted problems, the attitudes of everyone, the way to deal with a problem revealed the group's xinxing. It also helped us to see our own insufficiencies. Dafa has granted us different special skills, so cooperation between one another is very important.