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The Big Trial Before the Dawn has Already Begun

January 30, 2003 |   Written by Zhong Yan

(Clearwisdom.net) Someone made an analogy remarking that Fascist war criminals or the "enemies of the state" were like "nuclear waste". According to China Net, on September 30, 2002, the procurator in charge of prosecuting former Nazi war criminals in Germany announced that they were going to open a public prosecution against 11 former Nazi National Defense Army officers in World War II. They are being charged with the murder of 5,000 Italian prisoners in Kefallonia Island of Greece during late World War II. Life was also tough for those Nazi war criminals who had escaped from Germany. On November 24, 2000, the Verona Military Court of Italy sentenced Nazi criminal, Michael Sanford, to life imprisonment with nine charges. Between 1944 and 1945, he killed 18 people in the concentration camp located at Bolzano, a northern city of Italy. On May 14, 2001, Nazi war criminal Kalejs arrived at the Local Court of Melbourne, Australia, in a wheel chair, to stand trial. The 87-year-old Kalejs was charged of committing war crimes in Latvia during World War II. The former Minister of Justice of the Federal Republic of Germany Hans Engelhard said to the Journalist from the West Germany Journal "Express" in 1983 that, "even if it's 38 years after World War II, Nazi war criminals cannot be condoned." It shows that the work of exposing and criticizing Nazi atrocities will never stop.

History cannot remove the painful memories from the victims of war and their family members. The years cannot reduce the crimes of war criminals either. Although they might have just engaged in "executing commands" at that time, they still have to face all the consequences for what they have done regardless if they did it out of their own will or not.

On October 23, 2002, another leader was charged with the crime of "Genocide" for slaughtering ordinary Chinese citizens. This is the new turning point in the struggle between human morality and conscience versus power and violence. A historic and comprehensive trial has already started, and it marks the people who follow Truthfulness, Compassion, Benevolence and who will constantly adopt rational and civilized means to face violence. This event also opened a brand new concept for human civilization and development.

Along with the lawsuit, I anticipate a broader and global righteous force to lawfully charge and punish the evil persons who have participated in the persecution, and further more, with moral censure. These criminals will include government officials from all levels who have bloody debts and all the "610" officers from all levels, evil policemen and criminals in detention centers, labor camps and prisons, and the so-called journalists who used national media to slander (Falun Gong) and fabricate rumors, and intentionally provoked hatred, and so on.

Those who participated in persecuting Falun Dafa and practitioners can be roughly divided into three categories. The first category consists of people who did those bad things because they did not know the truth or were threatened, but as soon as they learned the truth, they stopped participating in the persecution. The people in the second category wanted to take advantage of persecuting Falun Gong practitioners and use "following orders" as an excuse to obtain material benefits. They tend to ignore basic moral values and human conscience. After Falun Gong practitioners' clarified the truth to them, some weighed the advantages and disadvantages and stopped participating in the persecution as well. The third category consists of people who are completely inhuman, and regard the truth as their enemy. These people are in the most danger, and their end will be the most miserable.

Numerous facts have proved that, in human history, one has to undertake every consequence for whatever crime one has committed, no matter who one is. Those include dictators who once were extremely powerful, such as the war criminal Mussolini of Italy, the former dictator Ceausescu of Romania and so on. None of them escaped the punishment of law or open public trial by the people.

If you have participated in persecuting Falun Gong, please wake up and escape disaster at the last moment. By immediately, abandoning evil and following goodness, you may still have a chance. If one of your family members or friends has participated in the persecution, please tell him/her not to be used anymore, because the prime criminal of this drama of persecution has already been prosecuted, and is awaiting the ultimate punishment by law. Please also tell him/her: persecuting genuine cultivators who cultivate goodness will bring oneself and one's family members terrible karmic consequences.

Hopefully, every person upholding righteousness will help stop this catastrophe.