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Karmic Retribution: Party Secretary Diagnosed with Leukemia after Persecuting Dafa Practitioners

January 25, 2003 |  


Editors' Note: Each time we publish news of this nature, we do so with heavy hearts. These people started off as public servants, but under the intense pressure applied by the Jiang regime, they were pushed into persecuting Dafa disciples. In the process of destroying the lives of kind, law-abiding citizens, they have sealed their own fates and inevitably faced karmic retribution as punishment. If it weren't for Jiang's wicked orders, perhaps their fates would have been different.

An Officer from Xingcheng City, Liaoning Province, Who Persecutes Falun Dafa Practitioners, Is Diagnosed With Leukemia

Jin Weiquan, a 54-year-old male, formerly the Party Secretary of Shengli Village, Wenquan Street, Xingcheng City, persecuted Falun Dafa practitioners by assisting the local police in illegally sending several practitioners from his village to a forced labor camp. Not long ago, Jin was diagnosed with leukemia. He is currently being treated in Beijing.

Bad Deeds By the Former Associate Chief of Police from Tonghua City, Jilin Province, Bring Misfortune to Family Member

Mao Shaofu, former Associate Chief of Police from Tonghua City, Jilin Province, and currently the local Deputy Prosecutor, brutally persecuted Falun Dafa practitioners. In early November 2002, his wife was involved in a car accident while on a business trip. She was seriously injured and required brain surgery.