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Latest News from China - 01/16/2003

January 24, 2003 |  


[Shenyang City, Liaoning Province] Shenyang City's Police Department Is Attempting to Eradicate Dafa Material Sites

Recently, Shenyang City's Police Department in Liaoning Province dispatched large numbers of policemen, transferred from the police substations in various districts, for a specific task. They were to concentrate on a search for Dafa material sites and Dafa practitioners in the Dadong District and the Shenhe District. During the day, they patrolled intersections and small residential districts. At night, the community officials, cooperating with the police, searched the rental houses. They showed people their identifications, saying that they were on a special mission. They were actually searching for the Dafa material sites and for Falun Gong practitioners who made truth-clarifying materials, so that they could arrest, brainwash, and torture them.

[Beijing City] Falun Dafa Practitioner Jiang Jianxue Is Arrested

On January 10, Beijing Dafa practitioner Jiang Jianxue was reported to police, because he was clarifying the truth about Falun Dafa to students. The police illegally arrested him. His whereabouts are currently unknown.

[Beijing] In Order to Reach Their Goal of "Killing One As a Warning to a Hundred," Police in Tuanhe Forced Labor Camp Intensified Their Persecution of Steadfast Dafa Practitioners

As a threat to several steadfast Dafa practitioners, officials at the Tuanhe Forced Labor Camp fabricated various crimes and meted out heavy punishment to a number of practitioners, so that they would serve as an example to the others. In November, police used "possession of Teacher's articles" as the excuse for sending Dafa practitioner Li Jinsheng, who was held in Team 1, to the "intensified training team" for more severe persecution for over a month. Xu Zijun, from Team 2, was also charged with nebulous crimes including "resisting reform," and "causing trouble for the doctors." Using these charges, the police sent Gong Qian to the intensified training team twice for persecution for one month and then again for two months. Both Jin Hongguang and Qian Shiguang from Team 3 were held in the intensified training team for two months. Liu Wei from Team 3 and Zhang Xiangyu from Team 7 were held in the intensified training team for one month. Undaunted, the Dafa practitioners used their righteous thoughts and righteous actions to firmly refuse to accept the evil's persecution.

[Beijing] Dafa Practitioner Zhang Jiuhai from Pinggu County, Beijing, Is Persecuted in Tuanhe Forced Labor Camp

Zhang Jiuhai is a resident of Xinggong Village, Liudian Town, Pinggu County, Beijing. In August 2002, he was arrested for the second time. After being held in Team 5 of the Tuanhe Forced Labor Camp, he was sent to the intensified training team, where they tied him up. Zhang went on a hunger strike to protest. Other Dafa practitioners, who labored outside, could always see Zhang Jiuhai when the police and prisoners escorted him with blue belts tied around his body to the infirmary for force-feeding. In mid-October, the head of the labor camp made a phone call to the intensified training team, saying, "If Zhang Jiuhai still refuses to eat, all the people including the prisoners will not be allowed to have meals either." He intentionally aroused the prisoners' resentment and stirred up hatred toward Zhang. The supervisor of Team 5 did not send Zhang Jiuhai his belongings or clothing for a long time. Zhang Jiuhai was not even given enough clothing to endure the severe weather. The guards at Team 5 didn't send Zhang his clothing until he had been on a hunger strike to protest this treatment for over one month.

[Xinxiang Area, Henan Province] Falun Dafa Practitioner Xue Qingfang Is Arrested

On January 9, 2003, police arrested Dafa practitioner Xue Qingfang. She had been living away from home in order to avoid arrest, but went back to her home in the Xinxiang Area, Henan Province to fetch something. She was then arrested at home.