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Feeling An Inexhaustible Strength After Practicing Falun Gong

January 17, 2003 |  


(Clearwisdom.net) I used to practice Buddhism, yet I never found the basics of cultivation after so many years. Then I discovered that temples were not the best places to cultivate, so I stopped going there. My father-in-law once said to me that the senior altar master had declared that there would be no real Buddha in the temple during the final period of the last havoc, but after another three decades a new Master named "Li" would provide broad salvation to all. Before my father-in-law died he again told me, "I will miss this most extraordinary and coveted opportunity that happens only once in millions of millenniums. You just cultivate diligently at home. The real Buddha will find you." So I just cultivated at home, waiting for the day when the real Buddha would impart his Fa.

My husband passed away early, and I lived a difficult life with my three children. My health deteriorated badly due to too much stress and mental torment. I suffered hepatocirrhosis and severe muscle pains around my thighs and waist. I sought medical treatment everywhere, and tried just about every conceivable treatment. Yet even witchdoctors could not cure my ailment. Doctors declared that my illness was at a critical stage and I was suffering the same ailment as my elder sister. The doctor recommended that I seek treatment at large hospitals as soon as possible without further delay. Yet my elder sister did not get well even at large hospitals after spending a lot of money. She later passed away. I knew death was closing in on me day by day. I felt so sad and helpless watching my young children.

Just about the time when I was desperate, my sister-in-law brought to me the audiotapes of Master Li Hongzhi's lecture in Jinan City, Shandong Province. I felt like I suddenly saw the light. From here on I embarked on the journey of true cultivation. I did not have any attachment of getting cured by practicing Dafa, I just knew that Dafa was good and I must study this Fa each day that I should live. Soon after, all my ailments were miraculously cured. It was truly a sensational feeling to be without any sickness. Dafa transformed me into a healthy person. It is Master's Dafa of high virtue that saved me and gave me my second life. Since then I have felt an inexhaustible strength and my spirit is more upbeat and buoyant every day.

My mother was illiterate. After obtaining the Fa she could recognize more characters and could read Dafa in its entirety. Many people in our village obtained Dafa. Many people got healthier after practicing, and many terminally ill patients recovered. After July 1999 the Jiang regime started persecuting Falun Gong. I started devoting my entire body and mind to the tide of Fa rectification. I tell people the facts about Dafa with my own personal experience, so as to save all of those who have been blinded by the unprecedented deceit and lies.