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A Human Tragedy: More on How Lin Chengtao Suffered a Mental Breakdown from Physical and Psychological Torture in the Tuanhe Labor Camp

January 15, 2003 |  



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Dafa practitioner Lin Chengtao suffered many kinds of severe torture in Tuanhe Labour Camp that drove him to suffer a mental breakdown. Research scientist Lin Chengtao of Consonancy Hospital was brutally persecuted by policemen Wenlai Jiang, Zhenxiong Ni and others in the Second Brigade after being kidnapped and sent to the Tuanhe Labour Camp. Even though Lin Chengtao barely survived the inhuman physical punishment and torture, the police continued to spare no effort to torture him mentally.

They publicized a letter that his wife wrote from Tiantanghe Women's Labour Camp. After she was brainwashed, his wife actually suggested that the police in the Second Brigade torture Lin Chengtao with the same methods that the Tiantanghe Labour Camp used to violently "transform" her, such as shocking with electric batons, sleep deprivation, etc. Mr. Lin was deeply injured by this.

In July 2002, detainees in the labour camp witnessed a bloody wound on Lin Chengtao's head. Later, they found out that police in the Second Brigade hit his head against the wall. In November 2002, Lin once again went on a hunger strike to protest the persecution against him. The terrified and guilty policemen of the Second Brigade then secretly transferred him to the Fourth Brigade and bound him on a bed to torture him further. Lin Chengtao, unable to endure the long-term severe torture to both his mind and body, suffered a mental breakdown. In order to cover their crime, Tuanhe Labour Camp shamelessly denied their own responsibility, labelled Lin Chengtao insane, and sent him to a hospital outside the labour camp on December 19, 2002.