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A Report on Fa Rectification Activities in Mexico

January 12, 2003 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) It has been just one year since Falun Dafa was first introduced to Mexico by a few practitioners from the USA. It can be definitely said that Dafa arrived in Mexico much later than in other countries. However, people are catching up with the truth of the persecution in China and the greatness of Dafa thanks to the efforts of practitioners from overseas and those who live in Mexico.

When I first came to Mexico, it seemed somewhat backward, relatively less developed and poor. But the hearts of these people seemed so good that it made me want to stay so that they also could obtain the Fa.

Since then, many people have learned the Falun Dafa exercises, read some Dafa books, and gained health improvement, so the results have been quite good.

However, over time, I felt we were in Mexico to tell these good people about the true situation so that they can also position themselves well and not be poisoned by the evil. There were some disagreements between myself and a fellow practitioner who was with me in Mexico, and since I could not speak Spanish, my worries and anxiety over not being able to clarify the truth made me very restless.

Then in August 2002, someone suggested that we should have a Fa Conference in Mexico. The purpose was to bring together all the people who were learning Dafa by sharing experiences, helping them understand and improve faster. Overall, it was to boost the cultivation environment in Mexico.

But the problem was that there was not enough manpower, experience and understanding to have an experience sharing conference in Mexico. However, practitioners from the US with experience working in Latin American countries volunteered to help out. Spending over a month, we all worked hard every day. Creating invitation flyers, making banners, collecting experience sharing articles, translating them, gathering photos for photo exhibits, making packages for the government and media, finding a conference site, and so many other things were done together.

It was the first Fa Conference in Latin America, although Dafa has been spread firmly in many Latin American countries. So, everyone was very excited and enthusiastic, pouring all of their ideas and energy into the preparations.

One week before the Conference, these practitioners all came to Mexico to put things together for the day. So, we had a very successful first Experience Sharing Conference of Latin America in Mexico.

Eight practitioners also came from Taiwan to help spread the Fa. Every day they went out to busy places to tell people the news of Dafa being in the human world and now in Mexico.

Through much interactions and conflicts, we all have learned a lot about each other and we became closer. Also the impact of the conference on local practitioners was quite big. From not having the veteran practitioners around to learn from, they have seen the demeanor of Dafa practitioners, how we focus on studying the Fa, what kind of mind set we should have when doing Dafa work, and how to see every incident from the Fa and look inward. They were shown how to introduce Dafa to the public, how to clarify the truth to government and media, and how Fa rectification period's cultivation is different from personal cultivation. The local practitioners were given all the experience and knowledge on cultivation and Dafa work during one week of intense contacts with practitioners from other countries. It was hands on experience on how to do things correctly with respect to important Dafa work and cultivation.

Problems such as having fear and resistance to clarifying the truth to the government and media and understanding the importance of saving sentient beings through these efforts were overcome through this event.

Then everyone left after doing what they were supposed to do in Mexico.

Then more news came. Mexico would be one of the places in which the APEC meeting would be held. Again, the few practitioners who did not know much about doing government and media work did not know what to do. Then three practitioners from Argentina volunteered to come and help. They came for 40 days to lay out ground work in Mexico City and spread the Truth to everyone. Every day they worked. Every day, they met someone very important, and they accomplished something wonderful. They were very experienced in these aspects of Dafa work and I was very impressed. They took me to the government offices to meet VIPs, and they took me to the media places to show how to clarify the truth.

They were calm and enthusiastic and very righteous. They had few notions as to how to clarify the truth. They did not have any fear of approaching any official or visiting important people. They just had one thought: telling them the truth and helping them. So, they just went, and just picked up the phone and just talked. And the work was done well. They expressed much gratitude to Master for giving them this great chance to clarify the truth to this great country and its wonderful people.

During the 40 days, they established basic contacts with many media and government officials. They set up a very solid foundation for us to continue in our effort in these areas. And mostly, the Fa rectification work has been done to such a wonderful degree that, not many obstacles or hard work was left ahead of us.

Also, many Canadian practitioners came to give assistance. They all worked hard. Those who were experienced in government and media efforts worked with the Argentinean practitioners, and victims of persecution went out to give interviews. The rest of us went out to tell people about Dafa on the street. Local practitioners were very touched by these Argentineans and Canadian practitioners. They said, "These Falun Dafa practitioners are great. They are calm, they are kind, and they are just great." So the local practitioners saw the greatness of Dafa manifested in these practitioners.

Then, they all left on November 2 after accomplishing a great mission.

I felt lost. I can get around on the street with my little Spanish. But I'm not able to use it to clarify the truth to Media and Government. There were still many people and places we needed to work on. I could only deliver packages and speak little bit, but definitely not enough to clarify the truth in a comprehensive way.

Then a Dafa practitioner from Canada who speaks English, Spanish and French fluently passed by to go back to Canada after spending one month in Los Cabos. He had helped with the experience sharing conference in August, so we knew each other and relatives on his mother's side live in Mexico City.

He asked me just one day before his departure, "Do you need my help?" I said, "If yes, can you help?" Without even thinking, he said, "Of course." Then, I said, "Please....help."

We spent many hours talking about the overall situation in Mexico, from media work, government work, local practitioner's understanding of the Fa and Fa rectification, not having enough mature practitioners to help on important parts of our efforts, establishing Falun Dafa's cultivation environments righteously etc. After seeing all these problems, he gladly decided to stay and help. I was happy and jokingly said to him, "Besides, it is your country anyway and I am just a foreigner." So we laughed.

Master said, "Cultivation depends on one's own effort, while the transformation of Gong is done by one's master." (Zhuan Falun, Lecture 1) Master, step by step made all these arrangements for Mexico's sentient beings, planting Dafa in Mexico well.

Currently, a local practitioner myself and this practitioner work together diligently on all aspects of truth clarification while helping new practitioners learn Dafa. There are just a few of us, but with the help of practitioners from Canada, USA and Taiwan, we are getting every corner covered. Dafa practitioners in Mexico have very close contacts with each other and meet 3-4 times a week to read, share, and work. Always our first priority when we meet is to read. So, we hardly ever argue, but laugh and enjoy each other's presence. We respect each other's opinions very much and do not create tribulations for each other. We only talk and share.

Thank you Master and thank you fellow practitioners from overseas who have put their hearts and minds into helping out sentient beings in Mexico. We are one body now!