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Summary of Other Articles and News - 09/01/2002

September 04, 2002 |  


News From China

Dafa practitioner couple Qian Guoning and Guo Chunrong in Handan, Hebei Province, were often arrested by vicious police officers who also ransacked their home. Qian Guoning was arrested and sent to a detention center three times; Guo Chunrong, a teacher at Linbei Elementary School, was illegally sent to forced labor for more than two years. On August 17 and 20, vicious police officers again forcibly kidnapped Qian Guoning and Guo Chunrong, respectively and sent them to a detention center. One more family was broken up by violence!

A Dafa practitioner who was forced to leave home talked about her suffering in a labor camp: The police found my residence and illegally arrested me; for three days and nights they deprived me of sleep; they forbid me to go to the restroom or eat, and I was tortured so severely that I could hardly open my eyes. I was illegally sentenced to three years of forced labor. Once, I was stripped of all my clothes and my arms and legs were tied up, while the vicious police shocked me with three to five electric batons at the same time. They also poured water on me while shocking me. My head, armpits and private parts were all hit by the electric batons, resulting in my losing ability to control my bowels and bladder. I could only take a shower once a month, and "scabies" developed all over my body. They seeped blood and pus, and unbearably itched. My skin also atrophied. Because of my righteous faith in Dafa, I was able to walk out of the labor camp.

A letter from Hou Yanshuang, a Dafa practitioner in Lingyuan Steel Group to Lingyuan Labor Arbitration Committee: I was illegally sentenced to 14 years in prison and expelled from my work just because I practice Falun Gong. The police department looted all my property with an approximate value of 80,000 Yuan, and took away 10,000 Yuan in cash. My wife was forced to leave home and wander around to avoid further persecution. My son in elementary school cannot take care of himself and has to rely on friends to feed him. We have been suffering in the detention center for more than 9 months, yet the persecution cannot shake our firm belief in Dafa. In the past 3 years, the Jiang regime has tried all means possible to persecute Dafa practitioners. Yet why does it still fail to eradicate Falun Dafa? Because Dafa has gained wide support from people and has been deeply rooted in practitioners' hearts. Out of compassion, Dafa practitioners are trying their best to save every person who has been poisoned by Jiang's lies. We hope that you can discern good from bad, and tell your relatives and friends that Dafa is good. We hope all of you can help and support Dafa practitioners, which is also preparing a good and noble future for you.

Reference Materials

The traditional hospital treatment for cancer usually has very strong side effects. To counteract the side effects, now more than half of the cancer patients are turning to alternative medicine. However, the latter cannot solve the fundamental problem either. According to statistics, even though cancer biology is being developed very quickly, the number of people who died of fatal cancers is increasing, instead of decreasing. What on earth has made cancer such a serious problem? Are there any environmental, societal, or moral factors that may lead to cancer?