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Record of Brutal Persecution of Dafa Practitioners at Ping'antai Forced Labor Camp, Gansu Province Part (3)

September 30, 2002 |   By a Dafa practitioner from Gansu Province


Hu Ruimei, the Political Instructor of the Second Squadron, Team 7 (female team) in Ping'antai Forced Labor Camp in Gansu Province has persecuted Dafa practitioners for a long period of time. She continually tries to force Dafa practitioners to write so-called "statements that betray Dafa," and gives brainwashing lectures that defame Dafa to the practitioners. In the classes, she wantonly slanders Dafa and curses at Dafa practitioners.

A Report of Brutal Persecution Against Falun Dafa Practitioners in Ping'antai Forced Labor Camp in Gansu Province

(1) Dafa practitioner Tian Juhong is a female technician at Lanzhou Brewery in Gansu. In November 2001, she was forcibly abducted by police from Chengguan Police Department, and was sent to Ping'antai Forced Labor Camp. As a result, her one-year-old child lost its mother, and the family was shattered. In order to force her to give up her belief in "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance," Li Xiaojing, the leader of the Third Squadron, Team 7, and Jing Xuefeng, the Political Instructor, forced some drug addicts, including one named Chen Xiaohong, to torture her inhumanely for four days and nights. Li Xiaojing told those thugs, "Whatever happens, she must be brainwashed within three days."

All night the first night the guards tried forcefully to instill various kinds of evil lies into her mind. The next day they forced her to perform highly intense physical labor.

The next night the brutality began. They ordered the drug addicts to tie both her wrists with a rope so tightly that the rope cut into her flesh, and then hang her up on the doorframe. The addicts would beat her with fists, kick her terribly, and then jerk her head back by the hair and ask her whether she would submit to the brainwashing. Once every five minutes they would release her from hanging, and then hang her up again. They feared her limbs would become numb and no longer feel pain. They tortured her in this way the whole night.

On the third day, seeing Tian Juhong was so miserable from the torture, the drug addicts said that they had known nothing about the bloody violence going on there, and that Ping'antai had become a slaughterhouse. Still, they tortured her even more cruelly that night. More than ten thugs took turns hanging her up and beating her cruelly, and she lost her eyesight due to the beatings. Then they used a rope to hang her up on the doorframe for a long period of time. It was winter, but they forced her to stand barefoot, and didn't allow her to wear a winter coat. Several people held her, put her on a chair and hung her up. Then they suddenly would remove the chair, making the pain much more intense. They stuffed dirty rags into her mouth for fear that other people would hear her miserable cries. They tried to force her to give up her belief. Several hours later, even the thugs who beat her said," Now they always ask us to torture 'Falun Gong.' We have become numb, and have no human nature at all."

When seeing that torture didn't work at all, the thugs said ferociously," We'll lock you up in a small cell for ten days, half a month, a hundred days or two hundred days until you accept the brainwashing and give up practicing Falun Gong." [The detainee is locked up in a very small solitary cell. Guards handcuff practitioners behind their backs in a fixed position, in which practitioners can neither move nor lie down. The small cell is completely dark and very damp. Detainees have to urinate and defecate in the cell. Only half of a regular meal is served. During the night, rats scurry about and the stench in the small cell is so bad that it is difficult to breathe] Then they cuffed both of Tian Juhong's hands behind her back, and hung her up on the iron window. The handcuffs cut deeply into her flesh, and her hands were in extreme pain for the whole day. Under the orders of Li Xiaojing, Chen Xiaohong removed her handcuffs, and then continued to hang her up on a higher iron bar on the window. She threatened, "As long as you are not brainwashed, I'll hang you up on a higher bar every half hour." The guards swaggered off, careless of whether she was dead or alive. For four days and nights, Tian Juhong almost lost consciousness due to the torture. Even the drug addicts there were shocked, and they couldn't believe what they had seen. They covered their eyes with their hands, and did not dare to look on the miserable scene before them. Right after Li Xiaojing and Chen Xiaohong left, they cautiously held Tian Juhong up in their palms for a while, and tried to lighten her pain a little.

(2) Female Dafa practitioner Yang Rui is an employee of Changfeng Factory in Lanzhou city, Gansu Province. In July 2000, she was abducted while clarifying the facts about Falun Gong and the persecution to people, and was detained in Xiguoyuan Detention Center. In September, she was sent to Ping'antai Forced Labor Camp in Gansu Province. She refused to give up her belief in "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance," and was subjected to various tortures. She suffered the evil persecution for over one year, and has come through it nobly and righteously. Just one month before she was released, she was reported by a drug offender for reading Dafa articles. She was forced to stand the whole night. The next day, she was locked up in a small cell, where she endured all kinds of torture for three days and nights, but the evil people still couldn't achieve their goal. On the forth night, the team leader on duty, Liu Yingmei, issued a crueler order to Chen Xiaohong," You must change her mind tonight." She meant that Chen Xiaohong must adopt crueler means to torture her. When Yang Rui was released from the small cell, her features had changed due to the severe torture. Later, they kept her under tighter surveillance. They would beat her up whenever they were not satisfied with her. On one occasion, she went to the restroom with a prisoner. Sheng Yanju beat her brutally in front of everybody only because the prisoner going to the restroom with her was not the one they had assigned to monitor her. Sheng Yanju beat her on her eyes and face, bruising the face. Both of her eyes were still blue and swollen, even when she was released from the forced labor camp.

(3) Dafa practitioner Tan Xiaorong is a graduate student in a Ph.D. program in Lanzhou University in Gansu. In November 2001, she was sent to Ping'antai Forced Labor Camp. She went on a hunger strike to protest the persecution. The head of Team 3, Li Xiaojing, and others ordered the prisoners to force her to perform highly intense physical labor during her hunger strike. Sheng Yanju frequently beat her up during the night. The team leader even threatened that she would send her to the hospital to force-feed her. She was persecuted both physically and mentally, including being forced to stand rigid without moving for long periods of time, prevented from sleeping, and hung up and beaten for over ten days. Moreover, the thugs Chen Xiaohong and Sheng Yanju brutally beat Tan Xiaorong when she didn't obey their orders. They forced her, a weak student, to do heavy labor. If she couldn't finish the overloaded assignment, she would be physically punished. During this period of time, the Provincial Police Department sent officials to the detention center. They wanted to take advantage of her status as a Ph.D. student, and force her to act as an internal collaborator who would betray other Dafa practitioners. Tan Xiaorong refused them. On another occasion, the TV station interviewed her in an attempt to fabricate a negative report that would defame Dafa and would gain credibility by using her status as a Ph.D. student to influence viewers. After being refused, they angrily hung Tan Xiaorong up, and beat her in the office. She repeatedly resisted slandering Dafa or taking part in the fabricated media report, which scared the Forced Labor Committee. Therefore they kept her under tighter surveillance, and frequently beat her up. Currently she is still being illegally detained.

(4) Female Dafa practitioner Li Hongping was brutally beaten by Li Xiaojing and her follower Sheng Yanju when she was sent to the labor camp because she refused to report in the manner required of the criminal inmates. She said, "I am not a criminal, so I cannot report when the number you assigned me is called." At that time, the team leader didn't stop the illegal brutality, but incited Chen Xiaohong and Sheng Yanju to pull Li Hongping to a quiet corner. They cuffed her hands behind back, hung her up and beat her, causing both of her hands to become disabled. Even in such a condition, they still forced her to do heavy labor. If she could not do the work, she would be punished physically. Currently, Li Hongping is still being detained in the Forced Labor Camp, and has been enduring tremendous pain and torture every day.

(5) Female Dafa practitioner Du Lanping was secretly detained in a quiet and unknown place under the orders of Li Xiaojing on the night when she was sent to the forced labor camp. The thug Chen Xiaohong led a group of drug addicts to torture her brutally. During two days and nights, they used various means of torture and transformed a sound, healthy body into a wizened, deformed shape. Her two arms seemed to be disabled, but she was still forced to do heavy labor several days later.

(6) Female Dafa practitioner Ma Liyuan is a teacher over 50-years-old. She was arrested only because she clarified the facts to the students in her class. She refused the team leader, who asked her to write statements that betray Dafa out of her own will. In the cold winter, she was hung up and beaten for three nights. As a result, her two hands became disabled, and she could neither take care of herself nor go to the restroom on her own. When she was sent to a hospital for a physical exam, the doctor said she had high blood pressure, but she was still forced to do excessive physical labor.

Gu Yanling, the Head of the fourth Squadron of Team 7, ordered many drug offenders, including Sha Cuiqiong and Wang Jianghong to beat, hang up and torture Dafa practitioners. They attempted to force them to give up their belief in "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance." The Dafa practitioners who suffered the most severely are Zhao Yueqin, Liu Yinjuan and Zhang Yuxia (a policewoman at the Second Forced Labor Camp). Because they persisted in practicing Falun Gong, they were tortured more cruelly.

Li Xiaojing, the Head of the third Squadron of Team 7 frequently ordered over ten drug offenders, including Chen Xiaohong, Shen Yanju and Chen Xihong, to torture, hang up, and brutally beat Dafa practitioners. They persecuted steadfast Dafa practitioners even more cruelly. Li Xiaojing ordered Sheng Yanju and Chen Xihong to monitor each and every Dafa practitioner who was newly sent to the labor camp. They beat up and physically punished the practitioners all the time and everywhere. They didn't allow the practitioners to speak and in every way attempted to force them to give up their belief in "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance."

We urgently appeal to all kind-hearted people throughout the world to pay close attention to this matter, and extend your helping hands to stop this persecution, the cruelest in human history against such a group of good people, who practice their belief in "Truthfulness- Compassion-Forbearance," and to protect human rights and support justice.