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Yinmahe Forced Labor Camp Officials in Jilin Province Insert Electric Baton into Practitioner's Rectum and Shock Him for More Than an Hour

September 03, 2002 |  


I am a Falun Dafa practitioner from Changchun. I went to Beijing for the second time to appeal on January 1, 2001. Because of this I was illegally sentenced to three years in the second squad of Yinmahe Forced Labor Camp in Jiutai City, Jilin Province.

Soon after I arrived at the labor camp, I witnessed practitioner Li Bochun from Ganan County tortured ruthlessly for half a month. Guard Zhao Jousheng shocked Li continuously with electric batons. They also cuffed Li to a bed and asked inmates Du Feng, Pan Yongqiang, and Lin Yuemin to beat him. The inmates tightly cuffed Li's wrists and forced his arms outward. Du and Lin pulled the handcuffs at the same time while stepping on Li's body. Li screamed miserably in pain. Then the inmates used the handcuffs to hang his arms up for two weeks, which made Li's wrists fester. Li's mental state became abnormal from the severe torture. However, he is still being detained. Guard Yin Chunlong tortured practitioner Pan Gang from Nongan with the same method because he had shouted "Falun Dafa is good" several times and had been conducting a hunger strike.

In April 2001, instigated by the police, inmates including Lin Yuemin, Zhang Tie, and Gao Yucheng forced practitioners to do heavy labor, attempting to force them to quit practicing Falun Gong. After this method failed, Lin made practitioner Pan Gang's nails on his big toes fall off by smashing them with a wooden stick. Pan's body was covered with wounds. Lin also hit practitioner Yang Lidong's head from Songyuan with an iron hook, which made him bleed heavily.

Practitioner Wang Hongtian from Dehui is thin and short. Several inmates took turns to carry soil with him and forcefully put the load on his shoulders. Because Jilin practitioner Bai He reported the irregularities to guard Li Chengzhou, the inmates dragged him by his feet and ran on the uneven road. Practitioner Jiang Lide went to stop their violence, but he was beaten and thrown into the water.

For resisting the persecution, Dafa practitioner Xu Yangang from Qianguo was shocked and pulled by handcuffs several times. Many practitioners including Zhao Xishun, Pan Gang, Bai He, Lang Baimin, and Yan Wei started hunger strikes to protest. The inmates knocked off Zhao Xishun and Pan Gang's front teeth with an iron club. The prison doctor Jin forcefully stabbed the scalps of Lang Baimin and many more practitioners with needles. The guards shocked Jilin practitioner Xiao Jinsong with several electric batons and tortured him to death.

In March 2002, Changchun practitioners broadcasted the facts about Falun Dafa through cable TV. Immediately following this, Jilin Province initiated yet another round of senseless persecution of Falun Gong practitioners. Yang, the vice president of the Yinmahe Forced Labor Camp who is in charge of inmates, and his section chiefs personally acted and urged all squads to persecute Falun Gong practitioners. They forced the practitioners to write statements renouncing their practice of Falun Gong. The ruffians also forced the practitioners to make materials slandering Dafa, and wanted to beat practitioners until they gave up the practice.

The practitioners did not give in to the escalating persecution in the labor camp. All of the guards held police batons, which they used to shock practitioners. The frequency of the shocks continually increased. Oftentimes, they even used four batons to shock one practitioner at the same time. When the batteries ran out, the guards would recharge them and continue the torture. The most horrible torture that occurred was that the heads of the squad Tang Bo and Zhao Fengshan and guard Liu Xiduo pulled off Henan practitioner Xue Baoping's clothes. Then student police helped to pull apart Li's legs and hold his head. The police then stuck an electric baton with a 2 inch diameter into Li's rectum and shocked him for about one hour. Xue's screams and cries from the torture made us feel that we were living in hell. The labor camp used extreme means to brutally torture practitioners, such as whipping us with iron whips, kicking, slapping our faces with shoes, etc. Unable to bear the extreme torture, two practitioners tried to escape when they were taken out for forced labor. One of them was caught and sent back.

After the police had shocked me, my digestive system became abnormal and I often vomited. In the beginning of June I was transferred to the fourth squad. By mid June I was unable digest food or water, was often dizzy, had severe vomiting, and passed out several times. By July 8, my life was in imminent danger. The labor camp was afraid of being held responsible and quickly sent me back home. I was never treated at the labor camp for any of my conditions. On August 16, after hearing that I was recovering well, the labor camp was quick to bring me back. I was therefore forced to start a homeless life to avoid persecution.

Another pressure policy of the Yinmahe Labor Camp is brainwashing. They forced Falun Gong practitioners to watch videos and read books slandering Falun Gong. They were strictly monitored 24 hours a day, and speaking to each other was forbidden. They tortured us physically and mentally at once.

The above is only some of my experiences. There are many cases of persecution in Yinmahe Forced Labor Camp. Since the labor camp strictly blocks all information, these evil conducts are only a tip of the iceberg. However, this evidence already exposed the guards' cruelty and the evil of the labor camp. Here, I also would like to call upon all the relatives and family members of the Dafa practitioners being detained there, as well as all kind-hearted people to pay attention to everything happening in that labor camp. Please do not be numb to this situation. Please distinguish good and evil and do not be deceived by lies from Jiang's regime. Please do not allow the evil there to continue unchecked. Let us stand on the side of truth and act with righteousness.