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Liaoning Province: Jinzhou Police Kidnap Mourners at Funeral for Cao Shufang, Who Died in Police Custody

September 03, 2002 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) An inside source reported: The mass arrest of Dafa practitioners on August 8, 2002 at the Jinzhou Funeral Home was planned. The night before the funeral, police had installed surveillance cameras inside and outside the visitation hall.

  1. "610" Office Members Kidnapped Visitors in the Mourning Hall

    [Note: The "610 Office" is an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems]

    After Mrs. Cao Shufang's death, on August 5, her family built a shelter for the casket so people could mourn and pay tribute to her. Plainclothes police surrounded Mrs. Cao's house.

    On August 8, police ordered the funeral time to be changed to 7 o'clock from the originally scheduled 6 o'clock.

    Many "610 Office" members and plainclothes officers were mixed among the mourners. Many Dafa practitioners also attended the ceremony. Li Xiejiang, the"610 Office" director, was also there. Police cars were equipped with video cameras.

    In the crematory visitation hall, police video cameras were aimed directly at the mourners. Dafa practitioners who did the Heshi gesture [hands together in front of the chest] were videotaped. The plainclothes officers guarded all the exits. During the final visitation, everybody saw how disfigured Mrs. Cao's face had become. Suddenly, the plainclothes officers started to arrest practitioners. They were so violent that they even beat up the mourners. Some policemen grasped a Dafa practitioner's ankle with one hand, and collar with the other, then threw them into a police car. It was completely brutal and barbaric. One policeman grasped a male practitioner's head and maliciously smashed it into the car door. There were approximately 100 police officers present, enough for 4 policemen to attack one practitioner.

    If the police couldn't identify whether a person was a practitioner, they would force people to curse Dafa and Master. But the people refused to comply, because they have gradually awakened. They know that Dafa is good.

    According to preliminary statistics, on that day the police kidnapped 28 Dafa practitioners at various locations. Moreover, some practitioners who hung up banners and posters were also kidnapped. Exact numbers are unknown.


  2. How Cao Shufang Was Murdered

At about 3:15 pm on August 4, 2002, Wang Dianyu, the Deputy Chief of the Kangning Police Station, tricked Mrs. Cao into opening her door. Wang forced his way in and snatched Master's photo from her home and intended to threaten Mrs. Cao. Wang Hong, another policeman, came and arrested Mrs. Cao. She who told him, "Let me wash my face, then I will go with you." Wang Hong followed closely behind her. At this moment a terrible thing happened with only the two of them at the scene. Mrs. Cao fell from the fifth floor, after breaking a phone wire at the fourth floor and a clothes line at the third floor, she hit a second floor balcony and finally fell to the brick surface on the ground. Mrs. Cao's mouth and nose were bleeding, her face was disfigured and her teeth fell out. An eyewitness from across the street saw Mrs. Cao raise her head twice. It appears that Mrs. Cao was pushed to her death, completely by surprise.

Even after watching this tragedy and knowing that Mrs. Cao was dying, policemen Wang Dianyu and Wang Hong did not stop searching her home. They found one bag of [Falun Gong] books and some materials. Afterwards, they went back to the local police station, leaving the dying Mrs. Cao on the ground. Later, the ambulance came and the medical examiner confirmed that Mrs. Cao was dead. That evening, many people had witnessed Mrs. Cao's death. Fearing public indignation, the police took away her body at about 4:50 a.m. on August 5. The police used electric batons to threaten people who dared to come close.

On the second day, Wang Dianyu told the Deputy Party Secretaries, Hu and Jiang, "From now on, don't discuss anything." His real intention was to conceal the truth. Later Wang Dianyu and his followers told the police headquarter officials that they did not even go upstairs and claimed that they were downstairs waiting.

The Linghe Police Station Chief threatened Mrs. Cao's children in front of her family members, police and other legal workers: "Don't you dare appeal to higher level officials or you will lose your job." He also said that nobody would take this case, and they had nowhere to appeal. The police told the family to get their approval on all aspects of the funeral arrangements, including the time, vehicles and route. Mrs. Cao's colleagues were told that they could give gifts, but were not allowed to attend the funeral in person.

"Good will be rewarded and evil will meet with retribution." This is an inescapable truth. "Truth-Compassion-Forbearance" is the eternal universal principle. Murderers will eventually pay for their crimes.