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Forty-nine Days After Obtaining the Fa, A High School Student Enthusiastically Shares His Cultivation Experience

September 28, 2002 |   Written by a Falun Dafa Practitioner from China


Part One: Obtaining the Fa

I am a high school student turning seventeen years old this year. I began my predestined relationship with Dafa on July 20th, 2002, and have now been practicing for 49 days. One of my classmates started learning the Fa with his mother in 1995. He also joined the "Kids Class" to study the Fa. He told me how great Falun Dafa is and the truth about how Jiang persecutes Dafa. When I went to his home, his mother gave me some truth-clarifying materials, as well as a VCD of Teacher lecturing on the Fa. His mother told me how her fellow practitioners overcome all kinds of difficulties to determinedly cultivate in Falun Dafa, as well as doing truth-clarifying work. I admire Falun Dafa practitioners from the bottom of my heart.

Part Two: In cultivating the Buddha law, you must be diligent.

I got a copy of the book of Zhuan Falun, which had been treasured by my classmate's mother. At this unusual period in history, it is not easy to get a copy of Teacher's book. After I went home, I read the book with great eagerness. At the time I thought, many kind-hearted people need this precious book. This book is so valuable for cultivators. I decided to copy Zhuan Falun so that more people could read the Buddha Fa. At the same time, I also began to recite Zhuan Falun.

Part Three: Assisting Teacher in saving sentient beings with our righteous thoughts and righteous actions.

After obtaining the Fa, I followed the requirement of Teacher's Fa and learned how to send forth righteous thoughts. At the beginning, when I tried to do the big lotus hand gestures, my hands shook very much, so I recited Teacher's formula. I felt as if something black and flashing had been absorbed by some kind of energy. Then, something in front of my eyes turned white and it was then that my hands stopped shaking. Once when I was sending forth righteous thoughts with my classmate's mother, she saw the energy columns above my head rushing out to the many layers of celestial bodies. On top of the energy columns, colorful Falun were turning, eliminating the evil. When I first began to study the Fa, there were always demons that came to interfere with me. However, when my thoughts were pure and righteous, demons would naturally feel scared and run away. Once when I was reading Zhuan Falun, suddenly all the words before my eyes became a golden color, which continued on to the next word as I read. Immediately, I felt as if my entire body was very warm. I also felt that Teacher was right beside me looking at me and guiding me. I was immersed in happiness.

My mother liked to play the stock market before. Her physical health was not good, and both her hands and feet were always icy cold to the touch, a condition that would remain even after medication and injections. After I began learning Falun Dafa, I shared with her the Fa's principles and asked her to read Zhuan Falun. At the beginning, my mother was still a little bit unwilling. However, later on she found out that whenever I practiced the exercises, she benefited from it too. She always felt that she was physically warm and her hands and feet stopped feeling icy cold. Once when I was doing the exercises, I discovered that there was light in her palms and that it was Falun. I shared this with my mother. Since then, my mother does not go to play the stock market anymore. She decided to find a regular job. Every time there were materials available about Falun Dafa practitioners sharing their cultivation experiences, about advocating kindness and punishing evilness, my mother would always be first to read it.

My grandma (on my Mom's side) is illiterate, so I read Zhuan Falun to her. She listened so carefully. Later on, she could not help nodding her head to show her agreement: it is absolutely right to say so. Later on she even told my aunty and uncle that Falun Gong is good. My grandma said the world needs Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance. If everyone can make it and cultivate seriously, human beings will benefit from it tremendously.

It is far from being enough to have only individual cultivation. I still have the responsibilities to let more people understand the truth about Falun Dafa. So I started to clarify the truth, to assist Teacher in rectifying the Fa and saving sentient beings. Whenever I had time, I went to the residential areas to distribute Dafa materials. Once when I was outside an electronic gate and I could not get in, I thought of sending forth righteous thoughts. Since I was just thinking of this, a man came out of the gate, and I went in smoothly. I have changed from fearing detection to the present situation of fearing nothing, since I thought this was the most righteous, best and most sacred thing. I feel so honorable to be helping sentient beings learn the truth about the persecution against Dafa, exposing this evil.

Once, I dreamed that my mother and my grandma seemed to be smiling at me. I asked them why they were smiling? They said they wanted to thank me for reading Zhuan Falun to them. They had obtained the Fa and would cultivate towards higher levels. I also felt happy for them. At that moment, a brilliant light flashed in front of my eyes, and I saw it was our Teacher. Teacher was wearing a golden cassock that was glistening.

I understand that in the days to come, I have to make the best use of my time to study the Fa well, to send forth righteous thoughts and to clarify the truth so that more sentient beings can be saved. Then we will welcome the approach of the Fa rectifying the human world.