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Several Short Stories: Good and Evil Are Easily Distinguished

September 27, 2002 |  


1. Criminal Can't Pass as a Falun Gong Practitioner

Policeman Da Sun and two others arrested a murderer, but this criminal said he practices Falun Gong. Da Sun thought that he did not look like a good person, so he said, "You said that you practice Falun Gong. Recite "Lunyu" (the foreword to Zhuan Falun that most Falun Gong practitioners can recite), and practice some Falun Gong exercises for me." He turned out to know nothing about it. He thought that if he said he practiced Falun Gong and the media broadcast it, he might get a reduced prison term or not sentenced at all. Learning this, the three policemen were angered and beat him.

2. Differentiating Between Good and Evil

A young man frequently fights with others and uses drugs. Practitioner Liu introduced Dafa to him, and lent him Dafa books. He gradually got rid of some of his problems, but he eventually committed some wrongdoings again and was sentenced to a forced labor camp for more than a month. In the forced labor camp, he got to know Dafa practitioner Gang. Gang is a policeman, has a Bachelor's degree, and was detained there because he is firm in practicing Falun Gong. Later, the young man became the cell head, and he told all the inmates that nobody is allowed to touch Gang.

3. A Righteous Thought from a Taxi Driver

Two Dafa practitioners took a taxi to go somewhere, and they clarified the truth to the taxi driver. The driver had a righteous mind. He said that Jiang didn't speak one sentence of truth, and that he never listens to him. He also said, "The Focal Point (a popular TV program in China that produced many stories defaming Falun Gong) is mostly fake too. Falun Gong just wants to practice some exercises and keep fit, so why do they have to crush it? It does not make sense at all."