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"Use All We Have to Save Sentient Beings" - In Memory of Fellow Practitioner Wang Chan

September 27, 2002 |   By Xiaoli, A Falun Dafa Practitioner in North America

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Beijing Falun Dafa Practitioner Wang Chan Tortured to Death by Jining City Police During Interrogation in Shandong Province
In Memory of Dafa Practitioner Wang Chan (Photo)


When Jiang and his regime started persecuting Falun Dafa in 1999, they blocked overseas websites related to Falun Dafa and monitored those websites, making it difficult for Falun Dafa practitioners in China to access the Clearwisdom website and news about Falun Dafa. It was in the fall of 1999 when a man told me there was a Falun Dafa practitioner in Beijing named Wang Chan who needed my help in getting Clearwisdom and other Falun Dafa news as it came out. I quickly connected with him through email.

Wang Chan was active in the Fa-rectification efforts since the beginning of the persecution. He sensed the constant danger of his arrest. In November 1999, he wrote in an email, "I may lose my freedom soon, but we will validate Dafa in different places with different methods." He had no fear. He made frequent visits to Tiananmen Square to pick up fellow practitioners who came to appeal. His wife had been detained at the end of 1999 for practicing Falun Dafa. He wrote an open letter, published on Clearwisdom.net, to each level manager in the bank system, expressing how wrong the persecution against Falun Gong is. In the beginning of 2000, he was fired from his job because he continued to practice Falun Dafa. The police were soon after him, but he escaped abductions one after another with the wisdom derived from cultivating Falun Dafa. For security reasons, I did not ask about his activities, but from his cultivation experience, and the reports he sent me that exposed the persecution, I knew he did a lot of Dafa work.

One e-mail he sent touched me deeply. He was still thinking of others when he himself was in a very difficult circumstance. He wrote, "It is even harder when you cultivate overseas. This is because we have to give up those human attachments in China within a very severe environment, while you are in a relatively loose and easy environment, making certain attachments hard to detect." This e-mail of his often inspires me.

For safety reasons, I did not share his stories with many fellow practitioners. Several of his well-written cultivation experiences were published on Clearwisdom.net. Most of his e-mails are lost, but we can still see a little of his cultivation story in the few e-mails I saved:

1st e-mail, dated November 5, 1999.

"Dear Friend,

I may lose my freedom soon, but we will validate Dafa in different places with different methods. I hope that we will meet one day.

Please pass my words to our fellow practitioners; life or death is nothing to a cultivator. The key is that our heart for cultivating Dafa should not be moved. All of our conduct should be based on Compassion, doing everything for Dafa, and measuring ourselves with Dafa. When our righteous thoughts come out, we will know what to do immediately.

Wang Chan

November 5, 1999


2nd e-mail, dated April 9, 2001

Thanks for your reply.

Disciples have it very difficult in China. I can tell you personally what I saw. The true cultivators are becoming mature, solidifying in the absolutely unchangeable Dafa.

I can only log on at the Internet cafes on the street, which have many restrictions. In March, police surrounded the apartment I was renting. I was able to escape, but I lost everything. Now I am all alone! My wife was brainwashed after her arrest in December 1999. She is still in prison, but severely "befuddled." This made me realize the seriousness of cultivation!

Disciples overseas have performed very well, effectively restricting the evil. We say, "Thank you!" But at the same time say, "Fellow practitioners in China need your support, and we hope you'll do even better!"

The arrangements by the evil should not be acknowledged. We will definitely not acknowledge the persecution. Let us do better. The moment when all our true cultivators can let go of fundamental attachments and step forward from humanness is the time that evil is eliminated. I think, how long the evil will last mainly depends on Dafa disciples' cultivation status, not on its arrangement. True cultivators must let go of fundamental attachments, including the attachment to time. We should not have a single trace of thought that allows the evil to exist. We should have the determination and confidence to eliminate the evil right now. At the same time, we should have the strength and compassion to sacrifice our lives for the sake of the whole body.

Our Master is enduring very real hardships for sentient beings. I think that we should be qualified disciples of Master, rather than let Master wait for us. We are already undeserving in front of our Master!

Time is limited, so I cannot write too long. Salutations to other fellow practitioners!

April 9th, 2001


3rd e-mail, dated May 10th, 2001

Dear Friend,

How are you? Thanks for the documents.

When my friend and I went on the Internet on the evening of April 29, the evil police noticed us. I escaped the danger, but my friend was arrested. My mind was not right at that moment, as I was only thinking of my own escape. I did not use righteous thoughts to look the evil straight in the eyes. I should be able to stop the evil, but due to my own attachment, I gave it a loophole, and we still have no news of our fellow practitioner who's been arrested! I am so ashamed every time I think about this. I am ashamed towards Dafa, and ashamed towards my friend. I saw my shortcomings through this incident. I have to cultivate until non-omission! I must double my efforts to turn this incident into strength to be more diligent.

Some Falun Dafa practitioners in small and medium sized cities find it difficult to get Clearwisdom materials now, even more so to print truth-clarification materials, but we are trying our best. Some Internet bars do not allow access to foreign websites. When we try to get around the blockade, we have frequent interference. Our e-mail address is often "tracked." I am not in Beijing now. I found a place to stay in a medium sized city. I bought some simple equipment, and provide material to Falun Dafa practitioners in another city.

I know the key to avoiding trouble is cultivating xinxing (mind nature), and sending forth righteous thoughts to eliminate evil. The reason I was able to escape from my persecutors so many times is that I would not let the evil get its way. But I have not cultivated well enough to think of others in every thing. I am still very selfish. The incident I mentioned above made me directly see how ugly my selfishness is. But no matter what, my main consciousness is clear, and I want to thoroughly eliminate all corrupted material elements that do not conform to Dafa, external and internal. I need to work on this now, I am not going to give the evil any loopholes.

How are you doing? Please share when you have time. On the surface it may seem that I'm having a hard time, but I am very happy, because I am cultivating Dafa, and I am becoming better and better.

Say hello to fellow practitioners overseas!


Lao Wang May 10, 2001

4th e-mail, dated May 26, 2001

Some situations have changed. We need to follow the footsteps of Fa-rectification closely now, eliminating the evil with righteous thoughts, and rectifying the Fa with the supernormal capabilities that a cultivator possesses, rather than purely using the human way to avoid the evil! I understand that "to conform to everyday people as much as possible while cultivating" [Eliminate Your Last Attachment(s)] is a manifestation of the harmony of Dafa, and also necessary for the salvation of sentient beings. To eliminate the evil, we have to use our divine side to rectify the Fa.


May 26, 2001

5th e-mail, dated July 1, 2001

How are you? Very glad to be connected with you again. Because I could not get online in time, and was interfered with by the "web-pirates," I had to change my e-mail address frequently. Sorry our contact stopped. I now know that we have to use our divine side to deter interference. I hope that we can stay connected. I may still have to change my e-mail address, but I will notify you right away. I may trouble you to remember my addresses, hope you understand.

I am preparing to spread the truth using loud speakers. The equipment is ready, but we are short on recordings. I am willing to make them myself, but for a better result, would you please e-mail me some ready made recording from Clearwisdom?

Everything is so hard, but everything is so wonderful, heroic and moving. Living in such a great yet critical time, where we can cultivate Falun Dafa, explore our new cosmos, and finally find the meaning and goal of our existence. Loss and gain in the human world are no longer a concern, while everything existing in the human world can be used to help Master do Fa-rectification, and cannot be allowed to be destroyed by the evil. Using all we have to save sentient beings, maybe this is our higher sacrifice! Let us all remember this.

XXX (pseudonym name of Wang Chan)

July 1, 2001

6th e-mail, dated July 10, 2001

How are you? I have not been able to go online for a week, as I have been busy sending Master's new scriptures and the truth of Falun Dafa to fellow practitioners in prison via loud speakers. On the morning of July 8th, the glorious sound of the new cosmos could be heard from the top of the two detention centers. Our cultivation process tells us, everything we thought that was hard to do, was because our postnatal opinions were blocking us. After we let go of all attachments, our rationality, compassion, and wisdom will work the best, enabling us to accomplish anything.

I can imagine how difficult the Fa-rectification task is for Falun Dafa practitioners overseas. Because you are in a relatively peaceful environment, the requirements would be higher. At the same time, you all have regular jobs and family life, so the obstruction from postnatal opinions must be even greater, with many concerns on your minds. With such serious Fa-rectification tasks, it must be very hard for you!

Please do not worry about us! Our Dafa disciples in China will definitely keep cultivating until the very end! These are not simply big words from us, but a fact that really exists. We will use all our strength and capability to do what we should do. Our Dafa disciples are one body. We will all walk towards Consummation together.

XXX (pseudonym name of Wang Chan)

July 10, 2001