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Who Should Be Tried? -- Third Party Commentary on the Changchun Government's Trial of Practitioners Who Broadcast Truth-Clarifying Programs

September 24, 2002 |   By Fei Ming

(Clearwisodm.net) Recently, the Changchun City government levied heavy jail sentences against Falun Gong practitioners who tapped into the cable TV system. It also charged the practitioners with the so-called crime of "destroying broadcast and TV equipment" and "using (slanderous term deleted) to interfere with the law enforcement." After just a little thought, we can see that it would have been more appropriate to have filed these charges against the dictator of China himself.

In Mainland China, "broadcast and TV equipment" are purchased and preserved with taxpayers' hard-earned money, and the salaries of TV station employees also come from taxpayers' money; therefore the TV stations belong to the people. They should reflect the people's voices, and should broadcast information the people need to know. However, right now, the dictator controls all TV stations and uses them to boost himself, deceive the people and slander the innocent. During the disastrous mass food poisoning case that took place recently in Nanjing City, all TV stations and newspapers covered up the truth and continued to peddle fake news such as the "three representatives theory." [The so-called theory made up by Jiang] Such irresponsible actions are truly "destroying broadcast and TV equipment."

As for "interfering with the law enforcement," this charge would also be more properly levied against Jiang's group. In order to persecute Falun Gong, Jiang set up the "610 Office" system from the state level down to local governments. This system was specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems. They can override the law and arbitrarily sentence Falun Gong practitioners. The "610 Office" personnel kidnap Falun Gong practitioners into brainwashing classes to brutally "reform" and torture them. Jiang's terrorist activities are truly "using evil organizations to interfere with the law."

I remember back in late 1999, the newspaper, People's Daily, published an anonymous commentary that described "several traits of an evil cult." Most people both in China and abroad agree that the Chinese Communist Party is the organization that most closely fits that description. At present, these two criminal charges proposed by the court against Falun Gong also perfectly describe the crimes of Jiang's group.