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The Children of Falun Gong Practitioners Also Suffer from the Persecution

September 23, 2002 |   Practitioner from China

September 8, 2002


Yesterday a practitioner said that several Falun Gong practitioners from the same area took their children to the park while on vacation. One child pinched his face with his little finger and asked: "Is it really me?" He could not believe that it was true. I felt very emotional upon hearing this. How many children of Falun Gong practitioners' do not have the chance to go to the park because their parents were arrested? How many of them still suffer from the hardships resulting from the vicious persecution of their families?

This afternoon I suddenly received a phone call. I heard a little girl who was crying. Confused, I asked: "Who are you? What happened to you?" When I listened carefully I recognized that it was my daughter. My wife and I have both been forced to leave our homes to avoid persecution. We cannot go home. Only my mother-in-law and my daughter are at home. Recently there have been many arrests of Falun Gong practitioners. My daughter found out and she was concerned about our safety. She said: "The police have been constantly calling these past few days. I miss you very much, but do not come home; they are trying to arrest you." I said: "Don't cry, dad is fine. They won't be able to get us, do not worry." She said many times: "Don't come home, as long as you are OK, it is fine." I said: "We are fine, nothing will happen to us. I will return to see you once we have time." I comforted her. She was still crying when she hung up the phone.

While putting down the phone it made me so sad to realize how much the children of Falun Gong practitioners are also suffering.