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Retired Teacher from Jidong County, Heilongjiang Province, Tortured to Death in Harbin Women's Prison

September 21, 2002 |  


Liu Guihua, female, a retired teacher from Yongan Township, Jidong County, Heilongjiang Province, was tortured to death on August 3, 2002 at the Harbin Women's Prison. Realizing that Liu Guihua could no longer take in any food due to the effects of extreme torture, the Harbin Women's Prison made a request to the authorities in Jidong County to issue a temporary parole for Liu to obtain medical treatment. However, the authorities of the Jidong County Police Department, including Li Qinghua of the Political Security Section, refused to grant permission for her parole. Because of this refusal, the Jidong Women's Prison could not release Liu. This delay in medical treatment caused Liu Guihua to die in an emergency situation at the No. 211 Hospital of Harbin. A few days before her death, she told the people coming to see her, "Do not be afraid of the evil!" She also wished that she could walk out of the prison in order to continue to clarify the truth and help save sentient beings. However, under the relentless persecution of the evil forces, practitioner Liu Guihua finally left the human world with her wish unfulfilled.

Phone number of the Political Security Section, Jidong County Police Department: 0467-5582361.

The person responsible for this case: Li Qinghua.