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Dafa Practitioner Chen Jianning Beaten to Death by Police from Wuning County, Jiangxi Province

September 21, 2002 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) On the morning of August 28, 2002, officers from the Politics and Security Division of the Wuning County Police Department kidnapped Dafa practitioner Chen Jianning and beat him to death the same afternoon. The police lied and claimed Chen Jianning committed suicide. Following are details and his biography:

On August 28, six thugs, including police from the Politics and Security Division of Wuning County Police Department, also called the local "610 Office," and police personnel from Shidu Township police station went to villager Chen Jianning's home and forcibly arrested him and took him away. They arrested Chen Jianning to investigate the source of truth clarification CDs, and that same afternoon, they beat the 31-year-old Falun Gong practitioner to death.

After Chen Jianning died, the police were afraid of other Dafa practitioners going to the county government to investigate the cause of death, so they sent a large group of police to all villages where Falun Gong practitioners live, and spread the lie that Chen Jianning committed suicide. They ordered these practitioners not to go out to appeal. The police stayed in the villages throughout the night.

On the morning of August 29, the county politics and law committee secretary, the deputy secretary, the president of the county People's Congress, the police department chief, the county public prosecutor and the Jiujiang Area Medical Examiner met with Chen Jianning's family. They lied and threatened Chen Jianning's family members. The officials showed the family the so-called autopsy report and witness report. They put great pressure on Chen Jianning's family to start funeral preparations, and said they would pay 15,000 Yuan. They also threatened that if Chen Jianning's family appealed or sued, then they would pay no compensation at all.

When the family asked to see Chen Jianning's body, they saw that the thugs had put a brand new suit on the body, and cosmetic makeup had also been applied. When the family asked to see the original clothing worn by Chen Jianning, they were told that it had been burned. The body was put in the freezer of the county funeral parlor to await burial. The family was forced to sign the compensation agreement of 15,000 Yuan.

Another young person was thus abused and murdered by police under Jiang's dictatorial regime.