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The First Labor Camp in Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province Brutally Tortures Dafa Practitioner

September 02, 2002 |  


Since June, the First Labor Camp in Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province has intensified its persecution of Dafa practitioners. They utilize all kinds of cruel means to torture practitioners, attempting to force them to give up their belief in Dafa. Wu Zhiping, detained at the 5th brigade, was handcuffed to a basketball pole for more than 4 months. Everyday he was exposed to scorching sun or heavy rain. In mid-June, Rao Zhuoyuan was also put under such torture. As a result, he died in early August.

The labor camp instigated prisoners to brutally torture Bao Diansheng, who was detained at the 6th brigade. The tortures included not allowing him to sleep; pouring boiling water on his bed; putting cockroaches, chinches and mice on his bed; spraying pepper water on his private part; reducing his food ration; brutally beating him on the ribs, chest and other parts of the body, leading to severe internal injuries; forcing him to do heavy labor; subjecting him to beatings once he fell asleep; forcing his head into the sink in the bathroom; pouring buckets of water on his body; not allowing him to take a break even if he had blisters all over his hands. Bao Diansheng was tortured like this for over one week. On June 25, a policeman named Huang with police badge number 4416282 instigated a prisoner to burn him with cigarettes and punch him on the head and back. They also forced him to squat from 9 a.m. to midnight. Afterwards, he felt pain all, and he had over 40 burns.

Other Dafa practitioners are also subjected to various degrees of torture.