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The Evil Is Afraid of Being Exposed ---- Experiences from a Trip to Kiev, Ukraine

September 19, 2002 |   By Dafa Practitioners from the Ukraine


After group study and experience sharing among Dafa practitioners in Ukraine, I decided to stay in Kiev for a few days to clarify the truth to relevant organizations.

A female practitioner from Kiev and I went to government offices, justice departments, and the media. During our visits, we addressed the essential problem directly, "Why are some Ukrainian departments suppressing Falun Gong? Why in our news and media reports do we avoid talking about the persecution in China, pretending not to have even seen it?" It was obvious that those who sided with the brutal persecution were afraid to face us directly, instead coming up with weak excuses. Of course our purpose was not to just obtain a positive answer from them. Rather, we were trying to encourage them to stop cooperating with the evil because that is essential to their future.

We went to the reception desk of the President's office, met with the official in charge, and asked him to give a letter to the President of Ukraine. The letter called for an immediate halt to all anti-Falun Gong activities.

At the Committee for Religious Affairs, we learned that the person in charge had never read the book or the truth-clarification materials that we had given him last year. Back then he had stated several times that he was going to read them, because, as he told us, every decision related to Falun Gong would come from his suggestions. He had also said that he would like to go to the group practice site to contact practitioners. Maybe those wrong doings against Falun Gong were related to his not knowing the truth.

At the "Freedom Radio" broadcasting station, the secretary said that she knew the chief's views and that he would not talk about anything related to Falun Gong. We pointed out that this kind of attitude is in conflict with the station's principle of freedom and democracy. She replied that she would report this issue to her supervisors.

During this time, we discovered the addresses of those in charge of the President's office and of the Senators in charge of human rights and freedom of speech. We wrote each of them a letter.

At the "Intel" TV station, we talked with the person responsible for international programs. He said that he was aware of Falun Gong's plight because he had read the truth-clarification material from practitioners, but he was not going to broadcast the programs that exposed the persecution, since that would disagree with the official stance of the Ukrainian government.

Before leaving Kiev, I went to the Arbitration Court. After telling them the facts and giving them some materials, the chairman of the committee said, "There is no reason to deprive people of the freedom of speech since that is a God-given right. Such an act would result in serious consequences." He also stated that he could offer us legal consultation and other assistance.

On our way to those offices, we continued to spread the Fa and clarify the truth. Some of the people we met were just waiting for Dafa, and many others got to know the truth as well.

Through this activity to clarify the truth, I realized our responsibilities. We have to make a real effort to clarify the truth and safeguard Dafa. If we acknowledged the suppression because of our fear, then the old evil forces would take advantage of our attachments and use them as excuses to continue the persecution. We should clarify the truth more extensively to the international media and human rights organizations, letting them know the facts of China's ruling regime's persecution against Dafa and practitioners and exposing the evil. Also, we should form a unified body with practitioners in other countries during this Fa-rectification period.

September 7, 2002