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"Legal Training" In Huangpu Legal Education School In Guangdong Province Really Means Torturing Practitioners

September 16, 2002 |  


Huangpu Legal Education School is actually a forced brainwashing center for detaining and persecuting Dafa disciples. Its first floor is the so-called "Drug Abstinence Center," and all other floors are used for brainwashing classes to persecute Dafa disciples. Many highly educated Dafa disciples are illegally detained there, such as Zhang Mengye, Luo Muluan and his wife, an English teacher from Zengcheng, two Guangzhou University faculty members, and so on. The means used at the Huangpu Brainwashing classes to persecute Dafa disciples are very brutal. Following are some examples:

  1. Female Dafa disciples are stripped naked and their hair is torn out. Male disciples have the hair from their lower body region ripped out.
  2. Dafa disciples' heads are held under water until they are almost suffocated.
  3. Dafa disciples are repeatedly stabbed in the head with large-bore medical needles until their entire heads are swollen and bleeding.
  4. Common criminals are hired to brutally beat and torture Dafa disciples.
  5. Dafa disciples are forced to step on Teacher's picture, or to bend down and hold Teacher's picture on their backs without moving, or to damage Teacher's pictures in various ways.
  6. Monitors in the cells prevent Dafa practitioners from speaking with each other. Otherwise, they are dragged out and brutally beaten even if it is long after midnight. The following day, the beaten practitioner is asked if he or she had been beaten. If the answer if yes, he or she would be brutally beaten again. The beating and torture normally start at midnight. The sound of the beating, together with practitioners' screaming, is horrifying.

There was a Dafa disciple who determinedly insisted on resisting the evil, and she went on a hunger strike for more than 10 days. When police beat her, she spoke aloud to expose such vicious actions. Later, it was said that she was sent to a hospital for treatment. In addition, another Dafa disciple saw two golden shining Falun accompanying this Dafa disciple as she was leaving the brainwashing class.

When another Dafa disciple was asked to watch videos slandering Dafa, she absolutely would not do it. She also turned her back to the video and sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil. Police wanted her to turn around to face the video, but she resolutely refused. She also spoke out to clarify the truth and condemn the vicious slander.