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More Discussion of the Concept of Letting Go of the Attachment to Time

September 16, 2002 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) As Fa-rectification proceeds, there will be different requirements for Dafa work in different periods. Before the persecution, for instance, helping those with a predestined relationship obtain the Fa was most important. Initially, Teacher wanted 200 million people to obtain the Fa, but the old forces were adamant in limiting the number to 100 million. If our understanding about spreading the Fa had been more clear in the beginning, we would have been able to break through the arrangements made by the old forces. The task we are facing does not emphasize letting people obtain the Fa. Our focus is to clarify the truth and save the sentient beings, and to prevent them from committing sins against Dafa. We are to try our best to free all--especially the Chinese people--from the poisonous lies. We must clarify the truth rationally or risk causing losses to Dafa.

On the other hand, during the process of clarifying the truth we find that there are quite a number of people waiting to obtain the Fa after the Fa-rectification. Teacher said in A Suggestion, "The people of the future still need to obtain the Fa; there are several billion people in this world who are waiting to obtain the Fa after this evil drama is completely wiped out as the Fa rectifies the human world." These people might have different situations. Some have shown their support for Dafa, and some have accepted the principles of "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance." When we talk to such people about the prophecies left by history, some of them say, "I am waiting for them to come to pass. If they really unfold as predicted, I will practice Dafa." This kind of statement reflects this person's kind nature mixed with a competitive mentality and the attachment to "seeing is believing, and not seeing is not believing." When we use prophecies to spread the Fa we'd better not add any attachment to time, otherwise we can create obstacles for these people to obtain the Fa. We must show our understanding and compassion to these people, for only in this way can we meet the requirement of "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance." When we first came to learn Dafa, we also had all kinds of attachments.

In 2001, some practitioners were saying that a certain event would occur before May 30. They talked about this not only to practitioners but also to everyday people. However, May 30 came and went and nothing had happened in this dimension where humans live. This created a huge obstacle for practitioners who had only recently obtained the Fa, for those who had studied the Fa only superficially and for everyday people. Since everyday people have not read the Fa, they tend to think that what we say is part of Dafa. Hence, whether we can understand the Fa from within the Fa, as well as what we say and do, are all great responsibilities.

After that, other practitioners, basing their theory on Century, said that Fa-rectification would be all over by April 2002. Some others became attached to the words "spring" or "autumn." Teacher has pointed out this problem. Now some practitioners are attached to the forty-two months mentioned in the Bible's Book of Revelations. Teacher said, "...the Book of Revelation in the Bible says that the evil beast would attack God with his mouth for forty-two months, which is three and a half years. I won't comment on whether that's the case..." Then why do some of our practitioners not only still want to talk about it but are also attached to it? This problem is quite noticeable among some practitioners. It could be very easily used by the evil as an excuse for persecuting Dafa or postponing the arrival of Fa-rectification. I hope our fellow practitioners will pay attention to cultivation of speech and maintain righteous thoughts and righteous actions.