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Recollections of Fellow Practitioner Rui Xiaolin

August 27, 2002 |  


It has been over two months since Falun Dafa practitioner Rui Xiaolin from Anqing City, Anhui Province was tortured to death. The evil strictly blockaded the news, which made us unable to obtain detailed information. We are now listing all the facts we know at this time:

  1. Solid foundation of individual cultivation
  2. Rui Xiaolin had practiced Falun Gong since March of 1997. Prior to that, he had been practicing a qigong from the Tao School. Once while he was meditating in the full-lotus position, an elder Taoist told him, "I am not your real teacher, your real teacher is in the human world." He could not understand the meaning, even after thinking about it deeply. After he started practicing Falun Gong, he realized that he came to obtain Dafa. He improved his xinxing very quickly during his cultivation. Often he shared his experiences of memorizing Teacher's articles with other practitioners, and frequently encouraged fellow practitioners to study the Fa a lot.

  3. Traveling to Beijing four times to validate Dafa
  4. On July 20, 1999, the evil persecution began. Rui Xiaolin stepped forward to validate the Fa together with some other fellow practitioners. He rushed to the capital city Hefei on that same night, and joined the collective appeal of all the practitioners in the province in front of the provincial government office. After he returned home, the evil escalated their rumors and propaganda. In early December 1999, he went to the Appeal Bureau in Beijing and handed in Dafa truth-clarifying materials, along with his personal experience of practicing Falun Gong.

    Rui Xiaolin and some practitioners from other provinces and cities went to the provinces and cities near Anqing to meet more practitioners. They shared the details of Falun Gong practitioners' appeals in Beijing and their personal experiences in the Fa-rectification period. They encouraged many practitioners to actively join the Fa-rectification process. Rui Xiaolin also accompanied local practitioners to appeal in Beijing. He was illegally sent back to his district and detained for a few dozens days.

    He went to appeal in Beijing for the third time in early April of 2000. To encourage more local practitioners to step forward and catch up with the process of Fa-rectification, he accompanied other practitioners to appeal in Beijing once again. Then he was illegally sent to a forced labor camp for one year. In December 2001 after he was released, he arrived at Tiananmen Square in Beijing, where he appealed again. Rui held up a banner and shouted loudly, "Falun Dafa is good." As a result of this, he was once more illegally sent to a forced labor camp.

  5. Joining the Fa-rectification process whole-heartedly
  6. Rui Xiaolin was a technical management employee for building constructions. His wife had lost her job many years ago and their family's financial state was very difficult. Although his income was very low, he still used that little amount to fund numerous truth-clarifying events. In order to solve getting a source for Dafa truth-clarifying materials production in such an evil environment, he thought of many ways to gather funds and arranged everything from buying a photocopier to renting a printing facility. He also held many small-scale Fa conferences that had great effect on fellow practitioners' improvement. To resist the persecution of the illegal seizure of the house and the arrests, he appealed many times to the relevant municipal departments. This had good effects in constraining the evil's persecution of Dafa.

  7. Firmly resisting the evil persecution

Rui was brutally tortured in many ways in the Tiananmen Police Station and brainwashing center when he validated the Fa for the fourth time in Beijing. He was not allowed to sleep for seven days and seven nights. While detained, he conducted a hunger strike to resist the persecution. Later, the local policemen recognized him when they came to pick up other practitioners. He was illegally sent back to Anqing City and detained in the Anqing No. 1 Detention Center. He continued his hunger strike for more than 20 days, and he was in an emaciated state. The policemen released him to avoid being legally responsible for his death in the detention center. The power of Dafa manifested on Rui Xiaolin very quickly. He could go to work on the second day after his release; his complexion turned rosy and his overall condition was normal. Twenty days later, the police saw that he was healthy, so they kidnapped him from his workplace and sent him to Nanhu forced labor camp.

According to the inmate who was in contact with Rui Xiaolin in Nanhu hospital, Rui refused food and water twice to resist the illegal detention. During that period, he was tied in bed for 24 hours a day because he did not cooperate with the police doctors when they tried to force-feed him and when they tried to use an IV drip. He made every effort to resist by turning away his arms every time they attempted an injection, which made them unable to insert the needle into his blood vessel. He was pricked more than 8 times during the attempt to forcefully inject him. The IV drip took more than ten hours, and sometimes even more than twenty hours. In an attempt to have him waver, the police doctors barbarically inserted a finger-wide rubber tube into his nose and force-fed him. After the force-feeding, they left the tube in his nasal cavity to increase his pain. This made it very difficult to breathe or talk. During that period, the policemen ordered the guard to violently shake the bed once he closed his eyes to prevent him from falling asleep. A few ruthless and strong guards even used a big ladle to forcefully pry his mouth open. Because of long-term torture, he vomited large amounts of blood until he was near death. His family requested many times that they release him on bail for medical treatment, but the vicious police in Nanhu said, "It is an order from the top not to release anyone, even if they die in the labor camp." When his family finally got to see him, he was already dead. Because of the severe torture, his body was extremely disfigured and it was horrible for his family to look at. Jiang Zemin's evil regime took Rui Xiaolin's life away.

After he passed away, his body carried the smell of sandalwood. Some practitioners even saw a colorful and shining ring above his head in his photo. His eyes seemed to be saying these words to us: "Fellow practitioners, cherish the last moments of the Fa-rectification period!"

Names and telephone numbers of people responsible for Rui Xiaolin's death:

Fan Ganhua - Anqing City politics and law entrustment office chief, 86-556-5346354 (office), 86-556-5575307 (home)
Yang Jiping - Yingjiang Police Station sub-branch politics and security office chief, 86-556-5531140 (office)

Nanhu Forced Labor Camp:

86-563-3351201 (switchboard), 86-563-3351335 (switchboard)

Mei Xiaofeng - Superintendent
Fu - Subordinate brigade vice brigade chief
Wu - Administration branch section chief, 86-563-3351135
Zhu - Propaganda branch section chief, 86-563-3351771
Li - Hospital brigade chief, 86-563-3351201 ext. 2386