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Reflections On the Hong Kong Political Prosecution

August 24, 2002 |   Written by Bai Zhi

(Clearwisdom.net) The writer believes that with regard to the Hong Kong situation, we can thoroughly clarify the truth from the following perspectives:

First of all, it is not just a legal issue, but one of persecution.

We should conform to and follow legal procedures in Hong Kong; however when we appeal, we should not just focus on whether the accusation is tenable or not. We should make the Hong Kong people realize that the recent "trial" shows that Jiang's dictatorship has spread and brought disaster to Hong Kong, and even damaged the legal system of civilized society as a whole.

If we blindly follow the "legal" way of thinking, it blurs the nature of the persecution. So when we clarify the truth, we should talk about the false accusations made by Hong Kong police and list all the facts of how Jiang's regime tramples on the Chinese legal system to persecute Dafa and Dafa practitioners. In this way we will expose how the evil dictator uses legal schemes to persecute the people of Hong Kong.

Jiang's regime persecutes Dafa unscrupulously. It also commits crimes against Dafa overseas by taking advantage of loopholes in the law. We should tell people that Jiang's regime never follows the law in China, that the law in China merely serves as a tool for Jiang to suppress people.

Second, it is not just a legal issue, but one of the people's will

We should tell people from a much higher level that the nature of the law is to safeguard virtue. The will of the people is fundamental. The law should not go against any fair and impartial conscience. It should not be misused by the evil ones to commit crimes. On the contrary, the law should be maintained in conformity with virtue. We should rectify people's attitude towards the law by pure insight.

Third, it is not just a legal issue, but an issue of righteousness versus evil.

Personally, I think since Hong Kong occupies a very special position, it is of vital importance in our clarifying the truth in regard to the frame-up case by Hong Kong police. When we rectify the situation of the law's misuse by Jiang's regime and use the legal mechanisms of Hong Kong society to clarify the truth and expose the evil, it might be more easily accepted by society. When the frame-up case in Hong Kong is clearly understood by the people of the world, Jiang's regime will no longer be able to misuse the law to make false charges against Dafa practitioners.

When ordinary people break through their way of thinking that they can use the law to distinguish right from wrong, we can tell them the difference between righteousness and evil. We should make them appreciate Dafa's salvation of the world's people from the importance of human nature to the meaning of Dafa to human beings.