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What Songsong Saw About the Future

August 02, 2002 |  


[Editor's note: What any practitioner sees is only some limited reflection at his/her level.]

Songsong is a ten-year-old Falun Dafa practitioner whose celestial eye has been opened since he attained the Fa two or three years ago. He often sees Master's fashen [law body] and scenes in other dimensions. The following is a part of Songsong's account of what he saw at his level as written down by Songsong's mother.

At noon on July 5, 2002, when Songsong and his mother sent forth righteous thoughts, he saw that he was sitting in Master's arms, and that Master emitted spheres of light to eliminate the evil. He also saw many little golden beings flying out of his body who were chubby and the size of fingernails. After he returned home from school that afternoon, he told his mother that on the day when Fa rectification reaches the human world, Dafa disciples would suddenly fly up into the sky from their homes. Above every Dafa disciple will be a lotus flower "seat." After Dafa disciples fly up to the sky, they will all sit on their own lotus flower "seat." While they are flying upward, their bodies will suddenly turn from transparent to golden and shining, and their clothes also will become golden. At that time, the head of evil is standing on the rostrum at Tiananmen Square, and below the rostrum is a big noisy crowd, shouting for his demise. On the rostrum, about ten police officers approach carrying machine guns. When one of the police officers who is thin and tall and carrying a handgun is about to grab the head of evil, the head of evil himself jumps down from the rostrum. After he falls to the ground, he becomes a puddle of black water, and no physical body and blood can be found.

Soon the gate to the heavens opens, reaching down from the sky in a spiral, right above Tiananmen Square. All the Dafa disciples fly into the gate. At that time, a huge black hole has formed right under Tiananmen Square. The good people can traverse the hole safely while the bad people will fall down into it.

By that time, the crowd below the rostrum of Tiananmen Square has already become very agitated, and everyone feels very regretful. Some are grabbing their own hair, some are slapping themselves on their faces, some are hitting their heads against the wall and their heads bleed, and some are kneeling down on the ground, crying and screaming. There are still some people running around, crazed, and at the same time screaming that they do not want to live anymore. They feel regretful that they gave up cultivation in the past. Outside Beijing, people from other areas are rushing toward the city in order to see what is happening. People are everywhere right outside Beijing. The roads are so crowded that they cannot move forward at all.

After all this is over, Buddhas come down again to save people and they are all over the sky. After one group of people has reached Consummation, the gate to the heavens opens again and the first group of enlightened Dafa disciples will come down from the heavens to bring the next group up. After that, there is one group after another reaching Consummation until ...

Songsong also said that before Dafa begins to rectify the human world, mankind will experience several months of plague, and many people will die.

July 21, 2002