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Sweden: Response of Residents in Erbu to the Third Anniversary of Falun Gong's Persecution (Photo)

August 10, 2002 |   Swedish Practitioner

"Three years of persecution; three years of killing; three years is really too long." Under this theme, our truth clarifying activities, in commemoration of the third anniversary of July 20th 1999 (when the persecution of Falun Gong officially began), have aroused much attention in Erbu.

In a few hours of a rainy day, at the city centre of Erbu, Swedish Practitioners told the residents the truth of Jiang's political gang of scoundrels' persecution of people cultivating "Truthfulness, Benevolence, Forbearance." At the same time, practitioners also told the residents how good a cultivation practice Falun Gong is.

At the Henry Allads, near the castle, we held a peaceful appeal. The most popular newspaper, Nerikes Allehande reported about our activity.

In the 21st July report of the above paper, the journalist wrote about Jiang's cruel persecution of groups who have different beliefs and opinions, like a group of people practising Qigong exercise, which is a cultivation of the body and the mind, known as Falun Gong. In Western countries it is difficult for us to imagine this kind of persecution, however through the propaganda of the China's Embassy, the persecution had spread to places outside of China. The Falun Gong practitioners in Erbu, Mats and Helena thought that the persecution of Falun Gong is a world-wide issue. Following that, they said, "Falun Gong is the pursuit of Truthfulness, Benevolence and Forbearance; it is a practice which enables people to be calm and at peace." They said, "In China, there were 70 to 100 million people practicing Falun Gong. The Chinese dictator Jiang hoped to eliminate Falun Gong within three months. It has been three years and yet Jiang has not able to change people's hearts."

As usual, on a Sunday, Falun Gong Practitioners practiced the exercises at the State Park. Although there was a torrent of rain that day, there were still many people interested in Falun Gong who came to learn the exercises under the shelter of the park pavilion. This sort of enthusiastic feedback has continued all summer. Through different activities, exhibitions and local newspapers' introduction of the schedules and venues, many citizens have come to know about the existence of the practice sites.