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Falun Gong Practitioners Arrested for Attempting to Attend a Show Trial of Fellow Practitioners in Jiangan District Court of Wuhan City, Hubei Province

July 03, 2002 |  


For a recent show trial of Falun Gong practitioners that was declared to be open to public, no public notice was given in advance, the entrance was strictly controlled, and no private attendees were allowed. Only six attendees were admitted so far, all relatives of the defendant practitioners, who gained entrance only after long deliberations with the authorities. Many practitioners from Wuhan City went to attend the trial, but were turned away from the court. The corrupt government agents set up hidden cameras right outside the court, requested the identity of visiting practitioners from their respective local district police stations, and then used the recordings as "evidence" to illegally break into the practitioners' homes, kidnapping many of them. They attempted to charge these practitioners with the fabricated charge of "besieging the court". A partial list of the kidnapped practitioners : Wu Bilin, Yao Hui, Bao Chunlian, Xu Tong, Fu Shunan, Tan Shulian, Tan Bixiang, Li Shihong, Xiao Tao, Fenzhi, etc.

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