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Teacher's Compassionate Hints

July 28, 2002 |   By a practitioner


Sister, Help me

In a dream once, I saw a huge pit. There was a large group of people in the pit, surrounded at gunpoint by another group of people. I heard gunshots. People fell row after row. I was standing outside the pit. Suddenly, a six or seven-year-old girl ran from the pit toward me. She desperately waved her little hands as she ran and shouted, "Sister, help me." Her eyes were earnest and full of hope. I couldn't stop my heart from fluttering.

After I woke up, I was quite disturbed. If I don't hurry up to clarify the truth more broadly, how can I face the sentient beings who have placed so much hope in me?

Climbing the Mountain

After I fell asleep, I sensed that I had come to the foot of a mountain. Some people were climbing up and some were looking around at the foot of the mountain. A person beside me asked me if I was willing to climb the mountain. I nodded my head, "Yes," without hesitation. The person then told me that near the top of the mountain was a steep cliff where many people had fallen off. Looking up from afar, I saw that on the steep cliff there wasn't anything to hold on to while climbing. Using human thoughts to evaluate the situation, it would be impossible for anyone to climb past the steep cliff, but I saw that many people had made it to the peak of the mountain.

I decided to try. I climbed up with my best effort and reached the steep cliff. Suddenly, the thought appeared in my mind that the wall was too steep and that I would certainly fall. In an instant, I fell and then awoke from my dream. I realized that the reason why I fell off the mountain was because I held an everyday person's thought.

I remembered that soon after I had begun practicing Falun Dafa, I had a dream in which I had climbed a mountain. At the beginning, I was climbing up a gentle slope. Then it suddenly became a precipitous, very steep slope. There was a deep chasm behind me. After the initial shock, I made up my mind that I should climb up and not think about anything. Holding this righteous thought, I found my hands and feet tightly gripping the surface of the mountain. It was impossible for me to fall. I quickly arrived at the peak and I saw many people walking in the same direction. Then I heard the compassionate sound of Teacher's voice.

I enlightened that if practitioners looked at the world of the maze only through their flesh eyes, accepting the false veneer, then they would be restricted by the rules of the human dimension. However, if practitioners are able to look at the world through the eyes of their divine bodies, they would not be limited by the rules of the human dimension.

Sudden Awakening

From July 20,1999 to the present, I have been very steadfast in cultivation and have deeply respected our great benevolent Teacher. As a practitioner, I have done many things to clarify the truth, but I haven't done well enough in studying the Fa and practicing the exercises. I often felt drowsy when I studied Fa and therefore couldn't truly study the Fa well. I have also quit while in the middle of doing the exercises when feeling tired or in pain.

A couple of days ago, I dozed off while studying the Fa. Suddenly, I felt someone push me from behind. Another time, my Falun Dafa book flew two meters away from my hands when I fell asleep. I immediately realized that Teacher was taking care of me and was kindly reminding me to treat Fa-study seriously.

Teacher's benevolence has encouraged me. I will conscientiously study the Fa and regard the Fa as my Teacher. I will take each critical step well, practice diligently, and become a truly qualified Fa-rectification Dafa disciple.