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Let Us Intensify Our Efforts to Clarify the Truth to the Precious Chinese People

July 24, 2002 |   By a Toronto practitioner


1. The mission of saving sentient beings

After sharing my experience with several practitioners, we all felt that simultaneously sending forth righteous thoughts around the world with other practitioners is a truly magnificent power for eliminating the evil in other dimensions. It is apparent that in the process of clarifying the truth to Chinese people, many of them have become clear-minded and are willing to know the truth.

With wisdom and the heart of great compassion given by Dafa, some practitioners spend much time every day clarifying the truth via various means to the Chinese people who have been poisoned by the lies. Think about it with our hearts: those great beings came from very remote and immense universes. In order to obtain the Fa and upgrade themselves, they had to go through so much and had to enter the maze of the three realms, taking the chance that they might never be able to go back. How do we feel after knowing that they have been waiting so many lifetimes to obtain the Fa? Shouldn't we do our best to help them? Furthermore, their survival or elimination is directly related to the future of the universal systems that they represent and to the many lives within those systems.

2. The Chinese who long to know the truth

During the process of clarifying the truth to Chinese people, more and more people have started asking us, "What is Falun Gong?" Some have raised different questions. This shows that they have started to think instead of fully accepting the lies of the Chinese government as they did previously. We feel that the obvious effect of the practitioners' efforts in Mainland China has changed many Chinese peoples's view of Falun Gong. Their hearts have started to change.

One day when a practitioner was clarifying the truth online, he met a young person from northeastern China. He told this practitioner that many families in his city had received the Dafa VCDs. Many had also listened to Dafa songs. Quite a few young people in his area can sing "Song of Odd Phenomena" which exposes the "self-immolation" incident.

When another practitioner clarified the truth in the chatroom on the web, she told the several Chinese she met that it was for the sake of tens of millions of Chinese people who are being deceived by the lies that Falun Gong practitioners in China risked their lives clarifying the truth. Practitioners cherish their own lives, but they cherish others' lives even more. After this practitioner said this, a listener told her that he was so sad that he couldn't help shed tears. We know it's the start of his awakening.

We have come across people from all walks of life while clarifying the truth. They include seniors who are doing research on history, soldiers, company managers, and the general population. With the rapid speed of Fa rectification, their kind-side has gradually awakened.

As Dafa practitioners, we deeply feel the responsibility of saving sentient beings. This is a sacred and glorious mission that deserves our best effort.

(To be continued)